Ugh why is fibro so mean?

I have nothing but pain, I hate this I want to scream why me? What did I do that was so bad! I have to always wear a smile and pretend like I’m doing well but in all reality I’m going thru a living hell and I’m losing to fibro. My mon supports me but she doesn’t know what I’m goin thru!

All I can say is that everyone on here knows what you are going through and will do whatever they can to help you. I am going to be seeing the community psychiatric nurse tomorrow and part of what I am seeing her about is the pain being ever there, reaching new highs when you think it can get no worse and giving no rest.

We all wear masks so the world do not see how we really are. If we were to scream when we need to with the pain people would soon realise how horrible fibro is. *hugs* Mikex

Well thanks. Let me know if she gives you any tips on handling this! Yes we do wear mask! I just joined last nite and I feel so welcomed already! What is your treatment plan! hugs

I have a load of medication that I have to take and have exercises to do that the physio gave me. Other than that not a lot. I use heat pads to help as much as possible. What about you? I love it on here as well... everyone is so nice. Where abouts are you from? Mikex

So far therapy and lyrica bentyl and I use herbs n i’m on a diet. Cincinnati what about yu

I live in Scotland on the Isle of Bute... I take lyrica, cymbalta, tramadol, acetaminophen, and others :( Mikex

Oh wow!

You're in the right place,Amberlyn, Fibro is the never ending gift of pain. But the good news is that we all understand what you're going thru. We know what lurks behind your smile and will try to help you with ways to cope. While we're cursed with this awful illness, we're gifted with friends here who are compassionate and knowledgeable. Keep coming here and you'll learn better how to cope with this illness.

I'm sorry, though, that you're experiencing so much pain. Are you seeing ant doctors for it and are you on any pain meds?

Hope you're doing well today, Mike. Nice to see you on here again. :-)

Thanks that helped a bunch! This group is awesome! Hugs

Yer I am feeling a little better today. It is nice to be on here again. I missed everyone so much xx

Amberlyn you have come to the right place, we all understand, ah that mask , that smile that covers our true feelings , it gets heavy, it was especially hard when I was working, I had to figure out how to conceal my pain, how to smile and joke when inside I felt like I was dying. I hope your having a better day!
Hugs & blessings