Update on Fibro Photo Shoot

For those of you who read up about my fibromyalgia awareness photo shoot, the photos are in. Here are some of them.

Empowering and beautiful! : )

Thank you for sharing,


No problem. We are all Fibro warriors here.

Those are awesome!
I think I see wings and butterflies wishing you away into a pain free environment. Very nicely done, your photographer did an awesome series for you.

I love your phrase that we are Fibro Warriors!

Would be cool to put those photos to music with soft spoken words being read as they move from pose to pose. Explaining what each day is like with this condition.

You must feel uplifted and proud…

Great photos! I’m so glad you are sharing and hope you had some fun making them too!

To all of you, I had a wonderful time while doing this. I am also glad to share some joy and inspiration with you. If there is one thing we all need to help us get through this, it is something uplifting. To Fearski, I think you have some wonderful ideas. I will have to work on something like that. Thank you.

Very pretty Aimee Rose!

Very nice! Thanks for raising awareness.