Fibro awarness photo shoot

I am getting exited. On Friday, I will be doing a fibromyalgia awareness photo shoot. I will be dressed in purple with purple wings, a little on the fairy side with a tutu. A friend of mine is getting into photography and is doing discounted sessions to add to his portfolio. He is going to state on the photos what the cause is for and also place them on his website. I can also display them on any site. I will add pictures on here as well as my Facebook account.

Sounds great. So will it be aired on TV or just your Facebook page.

Hats off to you for spreading the word.
Today is not one of my good days. I logged on just to brighten my day.

I just noticed you also are in Michigan. Don’t you just hate our winters?

Not sure of your city but I am near Detroit Airport.

Sorry you are not feeling well today. Sending gentle hugs and some Texas weather your way.

I am so glad you were able to do that. Your a great example. Have fun Friday!

No, not on TV, just my Facebook page. I still think it is a great opportunity to spread the message. I know photos on Facebook alone can be spread very quickly. I am hoping it does. I hope your day was brightened and may you have a better one today.

The winters are terrible on my body, but I just built a new home and have too much family here. I am from West Michigan.

Thank you very much. I hope you have a fun Friday too no matter what you are doing.
Mom52 said:

I am so glad you were able to do that. Your a great example. Have fun Friday!

Wow, that sounds really fun Aimee Rose, I am excited for you. Please be sure to let us know how it goes. Hugs.

Wow! That’s a great opportunity for spreading awareness. How brave.

That sounds really fun, and I look forward to seeing the photos, Aimee.

So how did it go today?
Looking forward to the link to your Facebook so we can all see it.
Must be nice to be a STAR…

It was fun. My photos will be shown on here as well when I get them back. I can’t wait. Thank you for the compliment, but I hardly consider myself a star. I did it for the cause , for awareness and to encourage others to raise awareness as well. I don’t think this illness gets enough recognition. I believe that by raising awareness, it sparks people’s interest in the subject. By doing this, people may do more research. Those who don’t know anything, may reach an understanding. Those who do , may want to research more. In a way, it brings us one step closer to a better treatment or , thinking big, a cure.


DO you give us permission to share with others then?

I know many of my friends do not have Facebook accounts but would greatly appreciate sharing it with others who think that this Fibro. is in my head.

I thank the man upstairs for folks like you, who go above an beyond to share with others and educate them on this horrible condition.


Yes Ron, photos may be shared. They will be on my Facebook as well so that my friends can share. I hope this goes far.