Very Confused please help

According to the er walking around with blue lips and dizzy is ok since my o2 sat is good. The nurse was shocked my o2 was where it was. I told her I thought the machine was wrong she would not let me back out in the waiting room she made she I went right back to a room. I guess I just keep taking the meds at home and hope for the best. This whole thing is bs.

still no change in how i feel. i went to go get my friend from the hospitsal and i felt like i was in a daze. the nurse even asked if i was ok. i just didnt say anything cause i dont really know how i am. one thing is for sure i am not going back to the er unless i am about to fall over. no one seems to think i am as sick as i am thanks to the machine telling them i am ok. i wish we didnt have all this technology at times. if the dr really tok the time to look and listen he would have seen a veery sick person in need of more than iv steriods and an hour long neb treatment. but oh well i guess i just have to have faith that it will all be ok.

thank you all for your prayers and support