Cold symptyoms worse with fibro

i know with fibro being sick in general is worse and cann last longer. My problem latley (soory this may be gross) mucus so thick i am choking on it. i do take musinex when things get bad but latley it seem like i am taking as part of my regular meds. i have no idea if this is normal or not.

a few years ago i was told i had rsv i thought only infants got it but i guess adults can too. the dr then said any type of drainage would be worse but latley its been really bad. i hate spending $10 a box for the mucinex but its the only thing that helps. i know there is a generic but its not as strong aand u have to take it every 4 hours instead of every 12 so really u r better off buying the real thing.

if anyone else has this problem or know how i may get be able to get help for it i would be very greatful. i do try to dink lots of water when i get like i do and i stay away from dairy too.



I am, but I have asthma also so I thought it was my asthma making it worse all I use is my inhaler

i have asthma also. so u think the asthma is the culprit in making the mucus thicker? i never thought of that i will have to do some research. thanks for repling

Eeyore, my allergies have been CRAZY this fall, in fact, I think they even turned into asthma until the last of the leaves left. So is it possible that your asthma was worsened by the fall as well? Is that how asthma works? And could the mucous be a bad allergy? My mom and sis get it too. Mom also has COPD so don't know if that causes it but they both seem to have allergies and the mucous gets worse when the allergies do.

Please do keep buying the Mucinex cause as you said, the generic isn't as effective.

Also, what is RSV? i've never heard of it before.

Hope that mucous eases up, Eeyore. Do you feel it in your lungs as well or is it just in your sinus area, hopefully?

Hi Stephanie, I hope you are feeling better, as I told you I am making my chicken soup, big pot, I wish I could give you some… My daughter is sick also and she is so excited I’m making it for her
Maybe I will give my dog some he is still not doing well ugh
Chicken soup to the rescue … Lol
Take care of you !!
Hugs & blessings

ok something is going haywire with this site today or maybe the laptop. i cant leave replies. so to answer Petrinas ?'s asthma is kinda wierd the way it works. i can get worse with weather changes but u can also have an attck at random too. i always have my rescue in haler in my purse and when its starting to get low i make sure i have a new one too. i also keep one by my bed. usually mine gets really bad when i am sick. RSV is a virus that many infants get. it can be deadly in infants. it causes really bad mucus to buid up and makes it hard to breathe. one of my nieces got it around 3 months old and was in the nicu for about a week they had to keep usung sucktion to clean out her little lungs. only parents and grandparents got to see her and they had to be in a gown so not to intrudce and other infections.
Dee homemade chicken noodle sounds great. your daughter is very lucky to have a mom like u. if u did live close i and sure i would take u up on your offer.

well i woke up today worse than yesterday. it feels like someone is sitting on my chest. it really hard to breathe. i have a drs appt at 1pm. i hope they help me i really need it. i was condsidering just going to the er cause of how hard it is to breathe but since the appt is close i will just see the dr and see what they say. i will let u know what happens

well i have broncitus again. the dr thinks i may have lupus too. the dr ordered the blood test. i should know the results monday.

You've never really gotten rid of the bronchitis, have you? Are you back on penicillin again?

I'll be curious to know what the tests say in regards to lupus. It would explain some of your weird symptoms. But I hope for your sake that you clearly do not have it.

I was wondering the same thing. I am thinking it is a resistant strand that requires Iv antibiotics. I will let u know about the lupus as soon as I do. I don’t want to have it but then again it would explain a lot. From the research I have done it seems like lupus is better understood and there r meds that can help.

I woke up today to a temp of 103. I was choking on flem and I couldn’t breathe. I have been up for awhile and 2 neb treatments later I don’t feel much better. I am thinking I may need to go to the er. I will see how I feel after dinner.

Ut oh. Not good. Sounds like back to ER for you. And you're right, it would be good for you to finally know what's causing the endless temps, bronchitis, and migraines. If you have lupus anyway, I guess it is best to know it. At least you could get some treatment and maybe some control over some of these illnesses.

Sorry that you're sick again. Sounds pretty bad and ER worthy.

At er now. It’s really hard to breathe. I am waiting to go to a room. It’s really busy. I will update when I can.

ok, I'm REALLY glad you're there! Is anyone there with you to keep an eye on you? Are docs or nurses keeping an eye on you? Keep me updated, please!

I am so glad you are getting that checked out… Oh my goodness … Your right , lupus would explain a lot …seems you just can’t get ahead of that immune system , please keep us updated

Hugs & prayers you are getting the right treatment !!

i am home but if u ask me i shouldnt be. they had oxygen on me and the nurse kept saying well your o2 sat is fine well ya it should be. when i took the oxygen off my 02sat dropped very low and i am worried. all the nurse told me was well u have broncitus and asthma its not going to be too high well it should be this low either. i told her mine has never been that low.

i am so pissed i was sent home i dont feel any better and it hurts so much just to breathe. all the dr said was my blood work and x ray were fine and i was thinking what about the fact i am still struggling to breathe and wheeezing. i guess they didnt care that i was feeling the way i did cause all the test said i was ok.

i am not ok and kinda scared to go to bed. i feel like i have been hit by a truck and nothing is working to bring the fever down to a comfortable temp. i am so pissed off it nots even funny.

i have no idea of what to do. i seem to b getting worse not better. how many drs does it take to see i need help and being at home i am not going to get it.

i know i am ranting i cant help it. i am just soooo mad right now.

Hi Eeyoreluver, I am sorry that you are not feeling better. Hopefully, you will get some answers soon. I will tell you what my doc once told me- the ER is the worst place to go when you are sick. Basically, the ER only treats emergent cases; otherwise, you will get a “bandaid” and be told to go home. Have you gotten in to see a rheumatologist? That sounds like it should be your next step. They will do tons of bloodwork and test for stuff like lupus. I hope you feel better. Rest and drink plenty of fluids (says dr. MB- LOL).

thanks you. i am resting and trying to drink lots of water. i am not up to doing anything else. i havent seen any drs yet cause i was told the approvel i did get for the medical card will only cover the hospital i guess. i havent received the card in the mail yet. i have no idea whats really going on with all that.

my pcp did draw the basic blood for lupus. i am not sure how i really feel about it. part of me is glad that their will be and explaination for alot of my symptoms but the other part of me is scared. unlike fibro lupus can do damage to your organs and body. not really sure how to feel. when i look up lupus it does seem like it very possiable that i have it. i have alot of the sypmtoms.

i guess i just have to wait till monday to find out. this wait is driving me crazy.

my mom sent me to the store since she had to go to work. she told me to stock up on the cold and flu meds we needed as well as get anything i needed. i filled the scripts for narco and steriods. i am waiting now for them to kick in. i also got oj and juice so i have some extra vit.c.

i woke up today feeling so bad i wish i would not have woke. no saying i want to die but just sleep so i didnt have to feel so miserable. i took some mucinex and a decongestant and those helped a little but my chest is really hurting i am home the narco does what i need it to.

my friend and i r going to see a christmas light show. it nice cause 1 i have never been and 2 its set up so u can drive through in your nice warm car. i am hoping it will take my mind off how i feel.

Stephanie, I’m shocked they did nothing for you !! Not even a breathing treatment, antibiotics ??? Did they at least take a mucus culture, to see if you needed different antibiotics ? Well perhaps the steroid will help, and the blood work maybe will show something else… All so frustrating …
Hang in there, I hope the light show helped take your mind off the frustration , and I’m glad you are drinking a lot of water, if we lived closer I would have gone to see the light show, we used to do that in Houston tx, really wealthy communities would go crazy with the lights on there house, so many would drive through they needed police directing traffic…ah that was nice memories my daughter was small and she would get all ready for bed & we would just drive all over looking at the lights.
I hope you could enjoy them !!!
Hugs & blessings