Very Confused please help

i ended up having to call 911 cause or struggling to breathe. i do have pretty bad asthma and i was diaginosed with broncitus on wed. almost every time i get it i end up in the er needing iv steriods and at times i have had to be admitted and get iv antibotics.

i was givin leviquin for an antibotic but when my labs got back my wbc was 17 i was shocked. i asked the dr why it would be that high after being on the antibotic for days. yes there could be a second illness thats viral but the dr did say anything about it. i was sent home but i am still struggling to breathe and my chest is still very tight after 2 duel nebs plus several ones with just albuteral at home. my fever 102.5. i feel like crap and my friend is having surgery thusday and i will be at her house taking care of her girls ages 12&14. i will also b watching the kids she takes care of b/c if not she has no way to pay rent. her girls know how to cook so if i am really wore out they can make dinner.

i am scared that i wont be well enough by thursday. she really needs this surgery and i am the only one she can have help her plus all the kids know me well plus the parents know me. if i dont get better in a couple days i may have to b admitted and she will not be able to have her surgery. dispite how much she needs this surgery i have to get better cause if i am struggling to breathe like i am now there is now waybi will b able to help not to mention the high fever that has had me in bed all day.

how and why do i still havr this high fever and high wbc. i know fibro make getting over an illness harder but this is just crazy. i know we dont have drs on here but we have some nurses. but i am guessing others may have had this happen. any advice would ge great even if u dont have a medical degree. thanks.

Hi Stephanie, so sorry you are so sick. How long have you been on the leviquin? It sounds to me like your breathing tubes are full which happens with uncontrolled Asthma. I would return to The ER if you are not better. Did they do a chest X-ray to rule out pneumonia? You may need a different antibiotic. I have Asthma and I also can get very sick. As for helping your friend, that is wonderful but you should take care of your self first. I hope you feel better soon. hugs, Leanne

thanks Leanne i did have an xray only showed bronchitis. the dr in the er said that if i wasnt allergic to so many antibiotics he would have added the z pack but i can't take it. i have allergies to 2 other ones. i started the leviquin Friday.

Hi Eeyore,

I don't know if any of us could figure this out; it sounds like something you need to discuss with your doctor. Or the docs at the ER. Surely a doc or nurse there can explain what's going on with your wbc and your breathing. If not, there must be a doctor or nurse in charge of that particular area whom you could ask to be connected to. If you want, you could tell me the hospital you were at and the doc who treated you and I'll call and ask for you. You deserve to get an answer ASAP.

Hi Steph,

So sorry to hear you are feeling this poorly again. This is nothing to guess about, I would not even attempt to. This is serious, and needs serious attention and care. I am hopeful they can find a med you can tolerate that will make you well.

It's sad to think that anyone would still expect you to care for children after needing emergency attention, that has not made you better! Further more, it is contagious!

Well I got to be home just over 12 hours b 4 calling for an ambulance again. My dr office called me and when the nurse heard me struggling to breathe she said if I didn’t call she would. She said I neeed to b admitted. This was Monday. Its Tuesday night and I was sent home @5. I talked to every one I could about staying but no luck. I got no answers and my chest is very tight and its still very hard to breathe. I do not feel comfortable being home at all.
I feel like I was sent home due to no insurance. My fever is still high my face was redder than a tomato from the fever. This morning when I woke up I started to cough very bad and I couldn’t hardly breathe. They had to hurry up and start a breathing treatment.
Upon discharge the stupid dr tried to send me home with 2 meds I was very allergic too. Its like she didn’t look at my chart at all. It scares me to think of what would have happened if I had blacked out and not come too right away would the dr have looked at my chart closely b 4 giving me meds of would she have almost killed me cause I would not have been able to say no I can’t have that.
I am so sick right now and so angry at the hospital I was taken too. I plan on reporting the dr tomorrow. Well I am going to try to sleep and prsy I make it through the night.
I will be back on soon to let u know what happens.

Hi Stephanie - I am so sorry about what you are going through. Having Asthma on top of everything else is just so unfair! Please don't worry about your friend? Right now it's about YOU. Struggling to breathe needs to be taken seriously. We seem to be always caring about other people almost to the point that we forget ourselves. I have been there - and most recently. You should not be taking care of those kids, obviously, if you are having problems breathing. I hope you take care of yourself first. You have been through a lot and as much as you want to help your friend out, you need to come first right now. Bronchitis is contagious, as you know and I am very prone to Bronchitis as well. Every time that I push myself to get well, or do things that I shouldn't be doing, it either prolongs the Bronchitis, or I get a relapse. Absolutely report the doctor! Jeez! I can't believe what we all have to go through and it's bad enough we get doctors that really don't know what they are doing! Take care of yourself Stephanie. Remember, YOU come first!! Love, Laurie

Ok I was home less than 24 hours and I am back in the er. My lips turned purple. The dr just came in and sounds like I will be sent right back home after my hour long neb treatment is done. I don’t want to stay in the hospital but I am really against being sent home so sick. My lungs r not working well at all. I keep getting dizzy from struggling to breathe. I have never been this bad where I had to keep coming back to the er over and over cause I can’t breathe. These drs need to look past the numbers and look at me and how much I am struggling to breathe. If I get sent home to just return I will be pissed. I am sick of having to b stuck with needles over and over just because I have to keep coming back.
I am at the hospital by my house that I do not like but the ambulance wanted to take me to the closest hospital.

Hi Eeyore - Wow! These hospitals and doctors are something else - aren't they? I am extremely worried about you and wish these people would listen to you and pay attention to what you are going through! Absolutely, you should be IN the hospital for a few days getting the care you need. It's extra stressful to, to be at a hospital you don't care for. Been there, done that! Yes, it is the rule for ambulances to take you to the nearest hospital for safety reasons.Eeyore, please keep us posted? I will feel better if you keep me up to date?? Love, Laurie

after an hour long neb i was sent home and with in an hour i started to struggle to breathe and my lips started to turn purple AGAIN. the dr got the report from the other hospital and repaeated the chest x-ray. i noticed that before i was sent home my o2 sat was dropping and fast.

i know drs and hospitals have to have some sort of guide line for admitting patients and keeping them. but i just dont understand why i was not kept. i am not doing good at all. i am so mad that i am struggling so much. the last time i was this sick with my asthma i was kept in the hospital for a week.

the dr today wants me doing the duoneb every six hours and regular albuteral every six. so every three hours i have to do a breathing treatment. i have to even do them through out the night. so no sleep and my heart doesnt even have time to slow down before the next treatment. this sucks i am home alone tonight and so i have to keep everything close by because i am struggling to just walk around let alone up and down stairs. my temp is still at 102. so between the fever and struggling to breathe i am very weak.

am i crazy for being mad that i keep being sent home when i am so sick. i really think that i should be being monitored 24/7. i will be on as much as i can as to keep u from worring.

thank you so much Laurie. i totally agree that i should be in the hospital and not at home but they just look at the numbers. the dr didnt even pay attention to the fact that my o2 sat dropped really fast right after the hour neb.

if u like i can give u my phone number so u can call me let me know and i will send it in a privite message

Hi Stephanie, I just can not believe they are not keeping you, what a bunch of crap, you obviously need IV antibiotics and around the clock respiratory treatments, did they put you on a steroid by mouth ?

I’m not real familiar with the asthma, but I know it can get bad with a lung infection like Bronchitis, please just keep going back… I hate the thought that you are home alone, if you have to call again… Do it !!!
Oh my goodness please don’t worry about your friends surgery, she will understand, people reschedule surgery everyday, you can’t go over there as sick as you are !! Just going out in the cold can cause an attack…
My good friend has bronchitis right now, she gets its at least 2-3 x a year and it always takes at least 7-10 days to get better, but she don’t have asthma either. I know she never gets better before at,east 5 days on antibiotic.
It sounds like the bronchitis is triggering this bad asthma… Please take care of your self, go back to the ER, they are so wrong to not keep you…
If your airway doesn’t start opening up … GO BACK !!! Screw them … This is your life !!!
Ok, I’m sorry it just makes me so mad, how many times does your lips need to turn blue before they will admit you.
Hopefully that Levequin will kick in, did they give you any IV antibiotic at all ?
Feel better my friend I’m praying your night gets better !!
Hugs & blessings

i am on oral steriods but not a very high dose for a sick as i am. i have been on a lot more at times. i was mad that while i was admitted i was not given iv antibotics. i was only admited for less than 24 hours. no worries on my friend she has gotten someone else to help. i can barley take of myself right now. tonight the tylenol only took my temp down to 101. i am so weak.

it is going to be hard to wake up and do nebs in the middle of the night casue i am sooo tired and worn out from struggling to breathe and the high fevers. i am drinking as much water as i can but its not helping. i am on another 7 days of antibotics but the same on i have been on. i am allergic to 3 differetn antibotics. but i know that there is an antibotic that u can only get in a shot or iv and its it supposed to be a good one and can help with broncitis.

i was so bad when i was sent home again. i have no idea what it will take for them to admitt me and keep me till my airways open up and my o2 sat goes up and stays there. i start to struggle to breathe with in an hour of doing a treatment

i feel like i should sleep with my window open and then maybe my fever would stay down.

i am very mad at the way i have been treated. i am very nice to dr and nurses and i dont complain much at all if something comes up i say something and let them help. i dont keep calling nurses and drs to my room every 5 minutes. i dont yell or scream. maybe if i did start yelling i would get some where. i did call the patient avocate when i was admitted on monday but they said my blood test were fine and my chest x-ray only showed broncitis. the dr said i could take steriods,antibotics,a and neb treatments at home. while that is true the could give me iv antibotics which i am sure thats what i need and also they were giving me iv steriods which r stronger than oral.

i will not hesitiate to call 911 again if needed. while i dont want to keep going back i am not going to put up with my lips turning purple and strugling to breathe even after a breathing treatment. this whole thing is bs. sorry for the strong language but i am pissed.

Our good thoughts and prayers are with you, hoping you can get and stay well.

well i guess i didnt need an alarm to get me up for the next breathing treatment. i woke up struggling to breathe not how i like to wake up. i guess my body cant wait 6 hours in between. this is really going to suck. i need to sleep to get better and by the time i funally got to sleep i only got 4 hours. the pain in my chest made it very hard to get to sleep. i fell asleep with the heating pad on my chest. it shut off my itself do no worries. i hate to sleep on my back and that was the only way i was able to get the slightest bit of comfort and i had to have the heating pad on as high aas it would go. the pain meds r not helping but no suprise since they only helped in the hospital when i was getting morphine with them.

this is going to be a very long recovery with my body waking up in pain and struggling to breathe. usually when i am sick i can pass out and sleep 12 hours or more in a streach. well back to bed for me i just got on to update while i did a breathing treatment.

for those of u that pray i would love it if u could pray for me. i know my family is but i could use all the prayers i can get right now. i need this sickness to hurry up and be gone.thank you much


Stephanie, can you call your doctor today? You shouldn't have to struggle to breathe and if you're doing that many breathing treatments and are still struggling, there's something very wrong. Please call your doctor. If he feels you need to go back to the ER, maybe he can call and talk to the ER doc before you get there, or you can ask the ER doc to call your primary care doc after you get there.

You may need steroids to get your breathing issues settled down. The catch-22 with steroids is that they suppress your immune system and will make it harder for you to fight off whatever bug or bacteria you're sick with. It seems to me that they could admit you, give you steroids for the breathing and a good IV antibiotic. But, I'm not a doctor, so what do I know? ;)

Good luck. Please try to get someone to help you today.



I'm sorry you're still not getting the help you need from the hospital. If you'll give me the name of the hospital and doctor or nurse, I'll call them and tell them what you're telling us. At least you'd have an advocate in your corner speaking to them who isn't ill.

Thank heaven that you don't have to look after your friend's children! I can't imagine you taking care of them while you're ill, and I can't imagine it being safe for you.

You most certainly should call 911 if you can't breathe again. There's no reason for you to go through that. You should be at the hospital. Sheesh, doctors!

HI Eeyore - I will definitely pray for you! I am so sorry that you are struggling!. What you are going through with the hospital and the Doctors is SO ridiculous!! Why don't you take Pet's advice and see if she can call the hospital and explain that you need to be there for a few days under observation? This is all so scary to me - because so much of what you are going through is happening all over the place. Hospitals are nortorious for sending patients and ER patients home too early. God Forbid if anything happens to you - it would be their fault!! Please keep us posted?? Love, Laurie

I ended up sleeping most of yesterday. It didn't help me feel any better. I woke up today struggling just as much. I cant seem to get my lips to turn back to pink no matter how many treatments I do. I am dizzy and so tired, my fever is still high as well. I am going to go to the good er and see what they say. This will be my 3rd er visit since monday. I really hope they help I am at the end of my rope as far as options. The drs office keeps telling me to go to the er. Is it too much to ask to not struggle to breathe. I will give another update from the er when I have some answers.

The dr just came in and said he will give me iv steroids and a long breathing treatment and I will be fine to go home because my o2 sat is at 97. It is so hard to breathe. It feels like there is a weight on chest. I really hope I feel better after this or I will be mad.