Veteran of FM, the light is there, we just cant see it sometimes

I just want to hug all of you! I dont know where to start so I will start with, I remember back to being little and my emotional sensitivity has always given me pain of some sort! My list of ailments is quite large so I will keep it short with saying, I have very advanced FM (yes it gets worse, stronger, more painful and sensitivity gets so strong my clothes become part of my skin. Painfully to take them off) , chronic pain from car accident while pregnant, rollerblading injuries when I was a teen, about 7 GI surgeries including 80% colon removal and gastric bypass. Wish I could educate the world on FM! I have done fine print study on myself and research since 2008 when I was first diagnosed with FM. I was the test dummy for years on all the DRUGS and everything made me worse. I have a complete understanding of FM now and cant bare to see others suffer with what I have already been through and passed quite a while ago, including my sister! She is where I was about 9 years ago with FM and it is difficult to watch. This is my first time talking about this besides to very few people that are or were close to me and doctors of course.

Hello Veteran, I’m sorry to hear of your lifetime struggle with FM. What are you doing now to manage your pain? Do you have any tips for others who are trying to get their FM symptoms under control? Hugs for you!!

I have loads of advice and techniques but each individual person feels different! In general, all the pharmaceuticals that are being used for FM are more trouble then they are worth! They could help for a month, for a couple years but all the other problems that go with all those meds, in the end it really didnt help! I would love to be coach anyone that really wants the true answer to their question! I wasnt ready to accept I had FM. My cousin told me she thought I had it for 2-3 years and I insisted that wasnt me! If I gave advice in general, it really cant be appreciated because of how unique FM is to each individual. My sister is now where I was 10 years ago and thinks she understands where I am with FM! In actuality, she does not but i really KNOW where she is with her FM and i struggle watching her, she will not take advice from me at all untill she literally experiences whatever it is Then she comes back to me a few years later explaining she now gets it! I am overly maternal, overly empathetic (big struggle for me) and am extremely passionate about anything I take on! Helping others is one of my passions especially when I am still, in 2018 being told by medical professionals that FM doesn’t exist. I’m in a new city, all my great doctors are not an option, my medical records say it all and I’m still being told it’s not real!
Please, tell me your struggle and I will do my best to walk you through it!!! If you have advice for me at a stage I haven’t hit yet, I’m open to advice and constructive criticism as long as it is kindly approched!

First and for most, accept it’s not going away and analyze what is happening to your mind and body so you can break down each individual pain (of whatever form it comes in) and take it on one at a time.

Every pain I have ever had comes back when I’m in a severe attack! A severe attack is much stronger then a flare up!

What I am now taking for FM is a topic I’m going to have to come back to at a later date, it’s very detailed and can not be summarized.

Prayers for health, happiness and a better day