Vitamin D Deficiency

Does any one else have a vitamin D deficiency?? If so do you think its Fibro related???

Hi Pebbles,

Yes and Yes!!! In fact, my pain management doctor gave me a prescription for 50,000 IU of Vitamin D to get me back up to where I should be, while the stuff you get from the store is either 500 to 1,000 IUs!

I've noticed that a lot of us have a Vitamin D deficiency. It seems to go along with fibromyalgia, as does hypothyroidism. If you're concerned with your Vitamin D levels, speak to your doctor about the matter and see if you need to be on a supplement.



So many people with fibro have vit D3 deficiencies! I have never had mine show up lacking, but it is in my multi, my cal/mag supplements and I have it here as just D3 for my Mom as she is deficient. I am looking forward to getting mine through the sunshine soon!

Hello fellow Hoosier, I was. Born and raised In Indiana…Warsaw, but born in and did high school in Evansville. where do you live? I was taking vit D. And had to cut back cuz my levels were too high. I take it for osteoporosis, but it has had no affect on fibro and CFS. I live in the Ozarks now and the roller coaster weather patterns do me in. that and stress. I may move to Arizona. drastic, but I’m single, 65 and can go where I want. My life is getting too short to live the rest of it like this.

How r u today? Sue

Hey Pebbles,

We miss you, girl! Hopefully your home is almost like brand new and you are now moving back.

Sending my best!


I do.

I was very low and my iron level was 5. Normal is 30 to 120 I think.

I could barely walk I was so exhausted. I got a little better after getting myself back to normal levels with the vitamins. No one has said it was connected to fibro, but I keep myself on them.

I am also vitamin d deficit and got prescribed 50000 milligram pilss twice. Never have had this problem until I got fibromyalgia diagnosed. I believe it is related for sure.