WARNING ABOUT MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

Most people with fibro and other chronic illnesses react badly to MSG thast is added to too many foods. The other day I even saw it in potato chips. Most companies just use potatoes, oil, salt, but the flavored potato chips could have MSG. CHECK OTHER PRODUCTS TOO. It is being hidden in products under different names. Just got back from the Asian food store and the owner knows me and likes me and knows my health problems so she showed me various packages with different names for MSG. So here are the few I found about today, there may be more. Look on your food labels for "Hydrolized Vegetable Protein", (HVP), E621, E627, E631.

Oops, I just read this as I'm eating Chinese food!

Thanks for this info. Very important for those who get flares from MSG.

Thanks Sandy, that's one I didn't know. Glutanate. I know that nitrites and sulfites make me pretty sick, and most sandwich meats have those in them. They really raise my BP and make my head pound.

Thanks for the info Sheila. How misleading it is to use other names and numbers for this when so many people have such problems with it, some have serious allergic reactions!


Hey, I got headaches from them too! Now I know why. Thanks!

And OMG! You also solved for me the puzzle of why orange juice always gives me headaches. I thought it was food allergies.

Oh Sheila, me too. I used to get pounding headaches after lunch as a kid. I knew it had something to do with the lunch but never knew what. I'm going to have to write all of these names down, in order to avoid them when shopping.

Ladies, thank you!

Glad the info helped someone Petunia Girl!