Aspartame: against and refutations (Was: Must read!)

I just read an article (US) my cousin sent me on facebook. Stop consuming anything with aspartame in it! People (alot) that have been diagnosed with MS, systematic lupus, and fibromyalgia who drink diet soda had a startling improvement after omiting it from their diet. There's alot more to it but I don't know how to copy from there to here.It seems to be based on actual studies, amazing. Maybe one of you could find it on the net somewhere so others can read it? I had my hopes up, because I don't drink diet pop, but I use sweetener in my coffee. Unfortunately mine doesn't contain aspartame. :( I was hoping for a cure for my lupus and fibro. I hope this helps some of you, please try it. hugs Charlie

Oh shoot, Charlie, I drink diet soda constantly. Everything else gives me a stomach ache or makes me kind of sick. I'm going to be heartbroken (and stomach broken) if this is true. i'll see if i can find a link to the article, meanwhile. Thanks for letting us know.

Did some minor research on the subject (have to get ready for work in a few minutes) and found articles refuting this info:

This person claims that only 4 people were studied for fibro and aspertame:

The Lupus Foundation says this:

According to Dr. Hess, there is, as of now, no specific proof of an association with aspartame as a cause or worsening of SLE.

So i guess if you're worried about a link, stop using products with Aspertame and see if you improve. If so, absolutely fantastic and let us know. if not....bleh.

I hope there's no connection, but if I used aspartame I'd try it anyway. Can't hurt. Thanks for the articles, the 1st one sounds similar to the one I got from facebook. Charlie :)