WARNING - Fibro Wellness People Orders

So I just clicked on the ad link on our webpage that led me to “Fibro Wellness”. A supplement that claims to have all the ingredients we Fibro sufferers need. They are willing to give you a 14 day sample for free but you have to pay $4.95 shipping and handling. No biggie, so I placed the order. Then it takes you to another page where it asks you if you want to add their sleep aid supplement. Note that there is no mention of prices and no way to complete your transaction without “adding to order”. I assumed it was another 14 day sample due to no price on the page.

The next thing I got was two emails. The first one for the $4.95 charge. The next one telling me about my other order at a cost of $29.99! So I call the 1-800 number to have the transaction cancelled. “Sorry, no can do as the two transactions are now tied to each other”. OK - Cancel everything. “Sorry, no can do as you requested a free sample and we are now obligated to fill it”. So now I have to wait for it to get here and then call them back to get a return authorization number and then return the product back to them. And if you don’t read the T&C’s you should know that if they do not hear from you within the 14 day trial period, you have entered into an evergreen contract and they will start sending you a 30 day bottle and charging your credit card.

Just thought I would warn others who were considering buying the product.

I am sorry this happened, Kas. Google runs the ads, and they are tailored to the audience. However, we have the power to stop an ad if we have the URL. If you message me the URL, I will have it removed from the site.

If you used a credit card to pay for this Fibro Wellness product, dispute the charges through the credit card company. You can also file a complaint. Here is a site that can help you with that process: http://www.usa.gov/topics/consumer/complaint.shtml

Again, my apologies that you ran into unscrupulous marketing, and thank you for alerting our members.

Here is the initial link from the ad that takes you to an article where you then order your free sample:


Thank you, I am passing it on now. Any other troublesome ads that come up, let me know.

That is not right. The company should not do that to people. You should have the right to decide what you are paying for when you are done shopping. Good luck hope your return works out for you.

Thank you I am glad you caught this

UPDATE - The supplements arrived today. I called them and got a return authorization number. It cost me $5.80 in postage (flat rate small box) to ship them back to them. I also had to ship back the “wellness” supplements in order to have myself removed from the auto ship (evergreen) contract. Lesson learned. I will NOT but supplements from any website advertisement ever again! Now I wait for the credit of the $29.99 to appear on my credit card statement, which should take another 30-45 days!

UPDATE - I returned both bottles unopened promptly back on May 6th. It is now May 28th. NO REFUND POSTED YET!!!

HI Kas

I ran into a simular situation a couple of months ago and it took 7 weeks to get the refund. Have you tried to call the company?

UPDATE - I am not just upset…I am LIVID!

I called on June 27th and they told me that they confirmed receiving my package on MAY 8th! And that they would now process the refund that would take 3-5 days to post to my credit card. Yesterday was July 16th and there has still been no credit to my account. So I called them. You won’t believe what they said to me…“There will be no refund because the package you sent back only contained the trial bottle and not the sleep aid supplements”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

Seriously. I sent BOTH bottles back UNOPENED in a flat rate shipping box from USPS. This is nothing short of FRAUD. Now it is my word against theirs and of course I will NOT BE GETTING MY MONEY BACK!!! The way their website got me to get the sleep aid without showing any fees attached was SNEAKY and unethical. The way you have to take time out of your day to follow up with them is frustrating and now they are keeping BOTH UNOPENED BOTTLES AND KEEPING MY MONEY!

MODERATORS - PLEASE ensure that these “FIBROWELLNESS” people are banned from this website forever. We are sick and have many medical bills to pay including medicines and we can’t afford to just throw money away to these scammers!

This is really shameful, Kas. Report these folks to the attorney general, better business bureau, and what have you. And, if you used a credit card, dispute their charges through the credit card company.

If anyone sees hide or hair of Fibro Wellness on this site again, please let us know right away. I believe they are permanently blocked, however.