Welcome Susan from Texas!

Hello @Susan59 and welcome to our community! As a fellow Texan, I’m pleased that you have decided to join us and hope that our community is helpful for you. There are many resources, stories shared by fellow users, and much more that you have direct access to. Should you need any help or suggestions, feel free to reach out. Also, if there’s anything you’d like to share, we have a strong, supportive, and collaborative community here to listen.

I know it’s been rough going for you since 2010, but I hope other methods of treatment will be helpful for you. Have you noticed any difference with the use of tai chi?

Again, welcome Susan, and we wish you all the best!


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Hi Brandon

I haven’t actually started the tai chi yet due to chronic back pain that makes it hard to stand up. But I’m getting a procedure on Monday that should help with that, then I plan to start doing the tai chi.


From Susan, sent from my iPhone

Hey Susan! Happy that you have joined us. This is a great place to gather info, “hear” everyone’s stories - we are all so similar, yet so different! I am interested to hear how you do with the tai chi. My PCP recommended that I try it. My reason that I have not started this yet is that I still work full-time & the only classes I have found are during work hours. I am a little frustrated by this, but will keep searching in my area.

@Susan59, I hope your procedure was a success and you’re doing well!