We've all had interactions like these and it ANGERS me!

I was working a game one day and I was working with this gentleman and it was my time to take my meds so I took them. He saw and asked me what I was taking so I went through the typical spiel. A little while later he says to me. “Would you want to get off those pain meds for the rest of your life?!” You think to yourself “oh lord here it comes”. So I say “yeah I would love to” and he goes into his sales pitch and telling me that they have info meetings and such and would I like to go to a meeting. I told him I was very busy and wouldn’t trying to turn him down easily. Well he got my cell number from our volunteer sheet and sent me a text asking me if I wanted to go for the next 3 weeks.

My complaint is don’t people like this know that we don’t want to be in pain? That IF there was a miracle cure we would be the FIRST to be on it! I am Sooo tired of people on fb, and a couple other places trying to sell us a miracle.

What’s your miracle cure story…


Just go to any recent posting by Hugs2U and you'll find the same useless schpiel. And yes, it INFURIATES me because they are taking ruthless advantage of sick and DESPERATE people. That is so immoral and wrong! What's the term? Snake oil salesmen. Disgusting people. I'm sorry you had to meet one in person and he got your cell info. Boy, I'd give him something to remember, if it were me!

Lol that’s kindof what made me post about my experience lol.

Good! Glad you did! How DARE these people try to get money out of us because we are too sick and in pain to know better? Yes, Hugs2U, I am talking about YOU and everyone like YOU. Shameless people who promote absolute GARBAGE and pretend to be so sticky sweet, when you don't care a whit how ill the stupid Doctor/Clinic makes these people. You can take your stupid Envita clinic and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. It's garbage and you KNOW it.

Whew! I feel so much better now, Punkin! And this was supposed to be YOUR thread so YOU could rant.

Excellent topic, though. Too many people try to take advantage of us and it' empowering to say NO, I will not be abused like this. Good posting, indeed, Punkin.

Well its just like Marygrace over on FibroKitty’s post about LDN. Come on! It’s a miracle!

And I really started it so everyone could vent PG! It’s really frustrating when people try and make us think that they have a miracle cure. If there was something that miraculously worked out there we all would be on it. Sheesh!

Oh, did I miss a spammer? I must check her out - and straighten her out, if I did miss one.

It's a MIIIIIIIIIIIIRACLE! And it only costs $20,000! And, of course, your insurance doesn't cover it, but it really works! These doctors have found a cure that helps 95% of every sick person's ailments. From nail fungus to bowel problems - it WORKS. But, of course, only Dr. Maybe knows about it so he's charging extra because no one in his or her right mind would do it elsewhere.

I had a friend tell me he did not want to be around a "pill head" and that I was just faking to get ssdi and pain killers. If I could have lifted my leg hi enoungh, I would have kicked him in his ass, but that would have hurt to much. We did have a guy on pain meds get mugged for his meds last month. They busted into his house, stole his meds and killed him. I used to tell people when they would ask me what I was taking, not any more. Just a heads up.