When to go to the hospital?

How do you all know when you're experiencing an actual emergency? I don't know how to tell the difference between new or worsening fibro symptoms and something else... I am in more pain than normal, my skin hurts more than normal (I can barely walk because the skin on the bottom of my feet feels non-existent), I have a rash that started off super itchy a few weeks ago, but now is only itchy in the shower, I am more forgetful than normal, [this next one is very embarrassing, but I feel it's important] I wet the bed two nights in a row out of nowhere(not last night), this morning I woke up with an extremely stiff neck with swollen glands on the left side, I have no fever but I feel so cold that it feels like I'm freezing to death unless I am wearing multiple layers with the heat cranked and under a blanket. I am so forgetful for the past few days to week that I even forgot that it was my birthday the other day and thought it was my husband's birthday! I am only 22! I have more of a general ill feeling than normal and most of my pain is in my shoulders and neck(usually it's my lower body). Oh, and two mornings ago (after the first bedwetting), I started to feel like I've got a UTI, but it only feels that way in the morning... I have no insurance so I can't go to a doctor and can only go to the ER if it's a REAL emergency.... Am I just freaking out over a couple of little things seeming like something more? How do I know? Thank You. Advice for future reference as well as this specific instance is GREATLY appreciated.

Hi Boratsmom,

Honey, I'm no Doctor, and only you know if you need to go to the ER. I checked your profile and am not sure when you had the last shot of Depo Provera that you think was the onset to this illness, but it may be a very good idea if it is your only means of seeing a Doctor. Someone should take a look at you, really. It's' always best to be safe than sorry. You are only 22 once! We care about you!

Hi Boratsmom, can you go to an Immediate Care, or Urgent Care, they are called different things in different states.
Your symptoms do sound worrisome … But only a physical exam can rule out if you have a virus, flu, or something else
Perhaps a trip to the ER will give you some answers, if the ER is your only option… Listen to your body.
I’m so sorry you are having such a hard time, keep us updated
Hugs & blessings

Hi Boratsmom, I really think you should go to the Hospital and get it checked out. Your symptoms I think warrant an exam. Especially the neck pain and incontinence.......so I would go if I were you. If you really want some more info before you're convinced, you can do a google search for, "Symptoms checker". What that is, is a self-assessment tool where it will ask you what symptoms you're having and will ask some pertinent questions. Then it will suggest a course of action, which is usually either "Go to the Hospital Now" or "Call your Physician for an Appt. as soon as possible." or "Consult your Doctor if symptoms get worse." Of course, these websites aren't meant to take the place of seeing your Dr. or going to the ER. But, I have used a few of them and I ended up getting the same diagnosis from my Doctor, that the website suggested to me. But listen to your body because you are the most reliable person when it comes to making such a critical decision as to whether to go or not! Please take care of you. Gail : )

An update. My shoulder pain and neck pain is now gone for the most part. Someone, a few hours after I started this post, calmed me down quite a bit in the chat room. However, I became even more worried when my period did not seem right. I looked on WebMD's symptom checker and according to that, my symptoms may or may not have been associated with an ectopic pregnancy. I do not know if that was the case, seeing as it was much to early for a home pregnancy test to show a change in my hormones, however if it was the case, I believe I have now had an ectopic miscarriage. I suppose this is wonderful, considering my body that normally torments me actually took care of a horrible problem on its own.

Thank you all for your responses.