Who is successfully managing their pain and who isn't?

The most prominent aspect of my Fibro is my joint pain. I had muscle pain as well, but the Gabapentin has pretty much relieved that pain to be a background hum. Unfortunately the joint pain is sometimes so bad that I want to rip them out, if I could, my right hip is the worst, that one hurts in different degrees all the time every day. I've started using a TENS unit, which seems to help with my shoulder and knee pain a bit but seems to do just about nothing for my hips.

I've had x-rays done, nothing wrong with the hip and only Calcific Tendonitis with the shoulder.

I am really starting to lose it, if this is the best it'll get, it's not worth it anymore. Everyday I have pain, if not from Fibro, than my hands or my spine hurt from osteoarthritis.

Is there anything that can reduce my pain, this has made me almost semi-bedridden. Today, my thoracic spine pain is going bonkers and my hip feels like it wants to break through the socket every step I take.

All I can think about is, please put me out of my misery I can't take it anymore and I don't want to take it anymore.

I have to know that there IS something better out there than what I have/been doing now.

This post is very negative, I now positive attitude is important, but my pain is so strong right now that it takes my breath away at times (not in a good way).

Sorry for venting, Farida

I won't speak for anyone else, but there have definitely been days in this journey when I have felt that if a piano just happened to fall from the sky, I wouldn't complain too much. I understand how you are feeling. When you're in the midst of a pain flare, it's so hard to see anything positive. I don't think anyone faults you for ranting a little, or not being super cheery.

Don't yell at me,I know I've mentioned this at least 3 times in two days, but on my really bad days, the only thing that would help was an epsom salts bath. It helped so much, that it was well worth dealing with pruney fingers and toes. I mention it because it's something that you could try today.

After that, when was the last time you saw one of your docs? If you don't feel like they are really addressing your needs, then maybe it's time to look elsewhere. You shouldn't have to suffer. It could be time for a med change, you could try different pain management techniques like aquatic PT, or topical pain relievers, but in order to get on one of those paths, you need a doctor to hear you and write the orders. There IS something better out there. Never give up, and never stop searching for it.

Just one more thought, have you had any autoimmune labs done lately? If not, it might be worth investigating with a rheum.

I hope that something brings you comfort soon. If you need anything, even if it is just to vent, please ask. :-) And, to answer your question, my pain is well managed, so it is possible.

I have felt the same way; I have DDD & osteoarthritis in my spine and hips. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in March. I have missed several days of work this year due to the pain. I have thought the same thoughts that you have expressed. While in a painful flare up, I have actually told my husband that I would rather pass on from this life if all I have to look forward to is more of the same-pain. But I find that once the flare subsides, there are better days. While I always experience pain on some level, there are days that I can appreciate living again. I have learned to be kinder to myself; when I am having the worst pain ever, when the pain meds do nothing to ease my pain & I miss work & cannot sleep-I tell myself that this will pass. I have to take it easy and rest when I need to. I work full time & it’s hard when I can’t even muster the strength to clean house or cook dinner-there is always a brighter day ahead- I have to keep reminding myself. You may need to have your meds adjusted so that your pain is eased. You may never be 100% pain free but you should find that you can have greater relief than what you have now. I am sending happy hugs your way & you will be in my prayers tonight. Feel better soon!

I have tried numerous things, Amitriptyline, Trazodone, Cymbalta and now 3200mg Gabapentin, I can't get the blocks because that is Cortisone/Steroids, I also have Diabetes and it sky rockets the blood glucose numbers, it also makes me very sick.

I'll call my doc to ask her what my next step should be, she is great and listens to me and is even interested if I come up with suggestions.

Can't call during the day, we have no landline and my husband needs his cell for work.

Thanks for the suggestion, I think it is time to do something more than I am doing now, Farida

Grumpycat, I would love to take baths, we only have one of those bathtubs you can use for showering, it's super shallow.

Since I have difficulty driving due to my shoulder pain and no pools are even remotely close, that's out. My doc suggested that already.

My doc is great, she listens, unlike a lot I had before who had you in and out before you could even catch your breath.

I've had my ANA done, it was negative this time though highly positive 1240 and 670 years ago, tested for Sjogrens - negative (I have dry eyes and lips), 3 different inflammation tests - all negative, all blood tests other than my Diabetes are negative. X-rays hip - nothing, shoulder - Calcific Tendonitis, neck - thinning of 1 disc, curve too straight and arthritic changes, x-ray of thoracic spine - thinning of 2 discs, many osteophytes, arthritic changes. All of those have been done within a year, some even more than once.

Glad you have found relief, it gives me hope. Farida

I am at least glad that I can get relief for my spinal pain, when it becomes too bad. I took a pain killer about an hour ago and at least that part doesn't hurt right now. I don't know how you can handle to work full-time. I am looking for a pt job and since I can't drive far, it's very limited and I don't even know how to handle part-time when I am feeling like cr*p most of the time.

I have given up on hoping for pain free I have lowered my expectations to livable and semi-functioning.

Thanks, Farida

I am so sorry for all the pain you have now, but I believe there are better days ahead for you. I also have extreme osteoarthritis in my spine & hips, as well as my left knee; my right thumb has what my rheumatologist says is a ganglion cyst from the arthritis & the joint fluid is building up a half inch below the nail bed. Plus we have fibromyalgia so that just adds to the arthritis pain. I am allergic to NSAIDS so I can’t take anything for the inflammation that arthritis brings. What do you take for the spinal & hip pain due to arthritis? As for work, I am blessed that my workstation was modified for me to make it more ergonomically correct. That was done when I came back to work after having an emergency surgery for a blown out disc in my lower back. My employer had me pick out whatever kind of chair to use; I can sit or stand and have full accessibility of my desk & computer keyboard. The days I hurt and can’t get relief of the pain are the days that I stand more than I sit! When I stay home to fight the pain, I still hurt, can’t get comfortable & can’t sleep. So I may as well go to work if I can-I will still be in pain. Work pays me better than staying at home! It’s true, there are days that I really wonder how long I can work. I have had this pain in my spine & hips long enough that, like you, I don’t expect to be 100% pain free but I sure enjoy the days when the meds work together so I can have a less painful existence. I hope you will be feeling much better soon with a whole lot less pain. :slight_smile:

I feel for you and completely understand. I'm new to this and I have had some days where the pain is so bad I want to cry but I don't cause then my body would hurt worse from muscles/joints involved in crying. This scares the scrap out of me that this is what I have to look forward to the rest of my life but I'm hopeful because a lot of people find ways to manage the pain through supplement, medication, and I'm even considering meditation. What helps me right now is ice packs. I ice it till it's numb and it gives me a breather. I have two large ones in the freezer I've been rotating. Make an appointment to see your dr and ask him for a referral to another dr that can help you. It might be out of your dr's expertice to help someone with fibromyalgia or this dr might not believe in fibro. If they keep giving you the same meds that aren't helping and are not trying anything new then fire him/her because there wasting your time, money, and keeping you in horrendous pain. Please keep trying and don't give up fighting!! There is a right dr and medication out there you just have to find him/her!! Please keep us updated.

Deb, I do not take NSAIS anymore because their impact on my spine and neck are negligible. I use a heating pack, which works well when the pain is light to moderate and 1/2 Oxy when it becomes severe, yesterday evening I had to take another 1/2 Oxy because I wanted to rip my spine out. My whole body was going crazy. When my husband came home he was wondering if the low pressure system that was/is over us may have something to do with it, so I am going to start to mark the really bad days with the weather that day to see if there is any correlation.

As I said, I will call my doc on Monday to ask if she can recommend at pain specialist. I do not need a referral but I don't know one.

Thanks, Farida

Tony, sorry you are going through the same days of agony. I will call my doc on Monday and ask for a recommendation for a pain specialist. I do not need a referral but do not know anyone in that field.

My pain level yesterday caused me not only to cry at times but scream into my pillow, so the neighbors didn't think I was being killed and I was very nauseous, close to feeling like I had to vomit.

This morning I feel better in that my spine is not hurting and my joints is minor in the pain department, though I still have the feeling of being a giant bruise, my skin feels very sensitive when touched.

This better be getting better ASAP, GRRRRRRR!

thank you all for listening to me.

You must be rural? No pools in Florida? But it’s Florida! Lol! PT out of water can be helpful too, any movement can help. That said, then the barometric pressure drops, there is nothing that I can do. I have reduce meds, and they are pretty worthless in that time before it storms. I’m not sure if the pressure is lower then, and then releases a little with the rain, or what, but man it hurts. My pain is deep in my legs. It feels like if I could just get deep enough to massage it, it would get better, but I can’t. It’s incredibly frustrating. With my new meds, it’s much better. Now, instead of feeling like I am being tortured, I’m exhausted.

No, we have plenty of pools. hehehe The warm pt pools are far from my neighborhood (not rural but not downtown), I have problems driving, due to shoulder pain that is aggravated when turning the steering wheel and the closest I found is probably 30-40 minutes away and I can't drive that far and have nobody to drive me either.

Than maybe I felt as poopy as I did yesterday because of the low over us? That is what my husband brought up last night as well and I marked it in my calendar to check if I see a pattern. I don't feel the greatest now but better than yesterday.

It amazes me, when I hear other people's symptoms on the large variety that we all have, it boggles the mind.

I think it's always some type of trade-off, with meds, this has gotten better but now I had that to deal with. Catch 22 situation.

When you are in THAT much pain, the body gets confused & makes you vomit to get RID of what's making you hurt. It is one of those fight or flight instincts. M

I misspoke. The meds don’t make me tired at all. They did when I first started them, but that went away after four weeks or so. During storms I feel exhausted and sore. It’s tolerable, but it wipes me out completely, and I can sleep for days if it’s rainy. Funny. When I write out how I feel it looks a lot worse than how I picture it! I think I’ll talk to my doc about bumping my dose of Lyrica those days and see what he says. The Lyrica took the pain and fatigue way down on sunny days. Maybe I need a rainy day dose? The worst he can say is no.

Yes, and it is pretty uncomfortable to feel like you have to stay close to the bathroom. I had my finger crushed in a door, years ago, and I threw up almost immediately. So yea, not fun.

Thankfully I do feel better today though very exhausted. I appreciate the cyber hugs I am getting.

Thank you so much.

Thank you, another hug. I am so greatful to have found this site. Everybody has been so kind to me. I will everyone know when I see a pain specialist and let you all know what the treatment will be and, most importantly, if it works.

I'll keep my fingers crossed! Now I'll go and take a nap, tuckered out from yesterday.

Lyrica is a younger cousin of Gabapentin, so to speak. It is weird because yesterday was a rainy day here and my husband said we had a low hanging over us. I will now track it to see if the really painful days coincide with rainy days, than clearly it has something to do with the barometric pressure.

Is Lyrica one of those meds that works immediately to be able to increase for a rainy day? I know some meds work right away but some do not, than it would make no sense if you can't reap the benefit from it when you need it.

Now I made myself say hmmm!

It is supposed to be one that builds up over time, like the rest of the drugs I that family, but I swear that it worked the first day I took it. It’s been four months since I started taking it, but I remember the first day perfectly. I was at the end of a prednisone taper, and my symptoms were beginning to flare really badly. It was one of my worst days. The doc gave me the script a week or two earlier, but hadn’t started it yet. Denial; I did not want to admit that this was what was wrong with me. So anyway, back to the story. :slight_smile: I was in bed in the morning. The pain was so bad. It kept waking me up throughout the night, and I was debating a trip to the ER for more steroids. I took my morning meds and waited, but no relief was coming. Then I took my other emergency meds (toradol and an extra dose of Percocet). Still nothing. Then I took the Lyrica. I figured I had nothing to lose and was desperate. Since this was day two of this crazy pain and no sleep, I passed out. When I woke up, it was like a miracle. It was the most pain relief I’d had in two years, that I cried. It was probably a combination of exhaustion, spent emotions, and relief at that point. Since then, I do notice when it’s time for my next dose, since the pain starts to creep in and have noticed, when it storms, that the Lyrica will make that pain lessen. My doc is excellent, and I have good notes of my symptoms, meds and response to them. He will probably agree to try it for a bit and see if it helps. There’s still some room between my dose and the max dose.
I do recommend keeping a “rain diary” (that’s what we call it anyway). We use the weather app on my phone to check the barometric pressure and record it in the rain diary when pain goes up. The NOAA has a barometric pressure chart, and predictions. The predictions are nice; I tend to stay close to home when it tells me the pressure will be low later on.

NSAIDs and Percocet (Oxy) does nothing for my Fibro pain at all. I tend to get the placebo effect, or as I call it "wishful thinking" whenever I start a new med. It makes it difficult to know if it's actually working or not, I need to take it for a bit and pay close attention to my symptoms and the severity of my pain.

I feel you, regarding the exhaustion and spent emotions, when you are feeling better after a horrible period, there is nothing like it. Today, I've been feeling quite a bit better than yesterday but tired, in a good way though.

Never put the weather and the pain connection together, I will keep a record of it, for sure.

I'll call me Dr. on Monday to get a pain specialist recommendation. I may read up on Lyrica to see about that med. It's probably one that needs special approving from my insurance like Cymbalta did.