A little advice about possibilities of a future

Hello everybody!

I really don't know if it's the right discussion or if I should talk about it, but I think I need an advice and I think I can get a real one only by people with fibromyalgia.

I'm Savannah. I'm nineteen and I live in Italy. First, I'm sorry if there will be mistakes in what I'm going to write but obviously, I'm not native.

I've been dreaming for two years the kind of future I want and what I really want to become. It's my last year in a kind of "Italian high school" and I planned to move in London at university next year. I want to follow my dreams, move in another country and live what I've always dreamed. I want to give myself all the opportunities I couldn't have here because of fibro and other things.

I can't imagine my next years here or in another place because that is the only thing I can think about.

I know I want to study literature and to live in London where I can build my writer's side. I can pretty much say I haven't lived my teenage years because fibro syntoms started when I was fifteen and I don't have anything right now. I don't have friends, a boyfriend or anything else that counts and I think I need the opportunity to live a real life, or at least I want to try.

Everyone is kind of set but I'm really worried because this past four years have been really hard, because several times I can't walk or breathe 'cause of the pain and because every day, every moment of it I'm in pain and it's so difficult and even if my family can't do anything about that, they're here, but there, I won't have anyone. I'll be alone only with my pain and even if I don't want to give up on my dreams, on my deside to be a teacher and a writer, to live in a place where I feel better and especially, where I feel myself, I know that with fibro sometimes it'll be an hell.

Should I go? Should I try?

Any advice would be appreciate.

Thanks anyway.

I belive you should always try to live your dream! You always want to say be able to say "at least I gave it a try!" and never, "what if?" You are so young my dear and I am sorry to hear you are going to through this horrible thing with the rest of us. I keep hope that those who are reseashing fibro will find something to give us relief.

I agree with Tifani!! Perhaps you can find a place closer to home to study? Give your dreams wings! They are sometimes all we have! But if you really want something dear you WILL find a way and the strength you need! It is your passion for life or whatever you want to achieve that will help you get out of bed each day to put one foot in front of the other. Find a doctor that will help you find a pain management plan that will work for YOU, as each person is unique. Just focus on the good.....whether they be days, hours or even moments!! If you are a writer, then write those down! Write yourself a positive mantra!

Take care!! Keep hoping and dreaming!


Hello Savie,

I did have the experience of doing an ala carte of Europe for 14 days. I noticed that my symptoms were affected by the weather. France and Italy were nice because of the sun and dry heat. But I found Germany and England to be a bit damp, cold... conditions I would not recommend to a Fibromite. But you have to go with your heart. I live in New England and people tell me to go to Arizona. I know I would definitely miss the weather changes up here. I like it even when we are close to single digits. I draw a lot and I love the color changes in the fall and spring. I am not sure how you picture things being different for your fibro by moving to a new location but I would explore these ideas and decide if they are solid and grounded in reality. I know sometimes I have fantasies of moving somewhere different and making a fresh start but I am basically traveling in the same body ... Take a notebook and jot down for yourself why you think it would be better somewhere else. You might find your reasons valid and I hope they are. GOOD LUCK!

Traveling and living somewhere new by yourself can be rough, especially if you have fibro. I started moving around when I was 20 and then was diagnosed with fibro 3 years later. Living away from family and being alone when the pain was at it worst was very difficult, but having at least one person to support me (even just by phone or email) was what got me through. Today, I'm an archaeologist and travel internationally for work at least once a year (which is my dream). I'll also be starting a graduate degree at university this coming fall and moving again. While I'm not excited about the moving and living far away again, following my dreams has ALWAYS been worth it!

My advice for you is to go ahead and give it a try, but do a little preparation first. Do some research and find out if you will be able to receive the medical care you need wherever you're moving. Also, make sure that your finances have a little extra in case of an emergency. Lastly, set up easy ways of communicating with those people who are your biggest supporters. Maybe ask them to routinely call/email you or send you letters/cards. And when you need it, contact those special people who will support you anyways or come online here and just bitch about all the things that are really awful or get you down at the moment. Because when you are all alone somewhere new you don't want to alienate your new friends by being "the one who is always complaining." And who knows, you might find some really great new friends wherever you move to, who understand you and are willing to support you too:)

Good luck and safe travels!

Dear Savie,

It sounds like you are a young woman with a lot of ambition. If I were you i would carefully weigh the pro's and cons of going and/or staying. see what you come up with, maybe you could write up a list. In the end, you should follow your dreams or you might live life in regret. I agree with the former post that you should do some preparation first to ensure you are able to have your medical needs met before going. Good luck!