About disability

I have followed advice from some of you very helpful individuals, but when I attempted to apply for disability insurance I was told because I am working I am not qualified. So do I have to quit my job to apply? What am I supposed to do for the time I am waiting for approval when it comes to buying my meds and seeing my doctor? I can’t pay for these things without my job (which is part time) and I can’t afford to not apply for insurance. It is frustrating. Oh and when I complained about my joint pain to my doctor, and told him it was preventing me from sleeping and the ativan he prescribed me isn’t helping me sleep nor is the fiorcet spell check he sent me to a psych doctor. He says it has to be something mental. Yea, I’m goin crazy from the pain and you not doing anything about it you idiot! And my anxiety is from lack of sleep, duh!! I’m sorry I just had to vent. When I vent to friends they look at me like I’m crazy (maybe they have secret meetings with my doctor lol jk) but I can’t continue like this, I really might end up going crazy just trying to find the right help.

Perhaps its time to find a new doctor. I've learned that life is so much easier when you have a doctor who believes you and follows your wishes. Alas, I moved away from my last doctor, and am still searching for a good PCP (My Rheum is pretty awesome thankfully).

One thing I've noticed is that Primary Care docs tend to want Psyche nurses or Psyches to do anti-depressent work, because they know much better which meds cause what side effects. I go through a pysche nurse for my Celexa, and before that he worked with me through four different meds plus Neurontin (which didn't go well). So perhaps he's sending you there because he is uncomfortable with prescribing anti-depressents and sleep medication. You do have to be careful mixing the two sometimes.

I hope you can find some sleep relief, blessed be.

You cannot be employed and apply for ssdi. Allesmere is right, time for a new doctor.

I believe that you can be employed but can earn no more than $1,000 or $1,100 per month in order to apply. I know i looked this up before and found it out. I don't have time to do it again right now but it would be worth looking into. Maybe Luisa could cut her hours enuff to qualify?

I only made about 550 this past month. And I will not make more than 1000 a month because my job doesn’t give me more hours. I will definitely look into it! I am eligable for food assistance so I should be eligable for insurance right?

My mistake, sorry. I looked it up for you, not sure about insurance though, maybe it depends on which state you live in.