Just got back from second session this week…I find relief last for short time… I feel because stress and carry a mot of crap i do t need to that i undo what is positive healing in my life.

Hi Jenn,

Glad this seems to be working for you! I wish you continued success!



Hi Jenn, I have not tryed acupuncture, but I do know someone that has arthritis & fibro, and she says it has helped her a lot , however she also said that the first 4 made her worse, after that it really helped and can last for her, up 2 a month. I looked into it and just did not have the money to go where she was going.

I’m so glad you are getting at least some relief
Hugs & blessings

Hi Jenn. I've heard that acupuncture will last longer after awhile of getting it. I envy you and wish you the very best with it. Please keep us posted on your progress.

I just found this study from the National Institute of Health that says acupuncture can help reduce chronic pain by as much as 50 percent. I've always wanted to try it, this is a good incentive to make the commitment!