Acupuncture and meditation helps - tell about your experience

I have not seen anyone but me talking about acupuncture. It was a life saver, both for my body and stress/depression levels. It helped me sleep better and as the treatments progressed they lasted longer and longer. You need someone who has experience in fibro (someone who does sports medicine).

Reality: Acupuncture is not painless. When the needles are placed if they hit the right place you will feel them going in. Less then a shot but it is an ouch sometimes. The bigger the ouch, the more value it has. The acupuncturist should be asking what hurts, how much, about your mood and understand about flare-ups. I almost always get a needle in my forehead where they call the third eye to help with stress and depression. THey can also place one at the top of the head to help relieve stress.

After the needles are placed you don't feel them as the treatment progresses. Usually there is soft music, you sit in a recliner and I normally fall asleep. I also start my time with a meditation asking for strength, energy and peace. I mentally surround myself with a blue and pink light energy which is a healing energy. If you think of any other color allow it to be. I also use the time to just breathe and know I am not required to do anything at that time. Sometimes I have strong emotions that come up. Talk about them with your acupuncturist. It is common to have a release of emotions if you are really pent up.

After they take out the needles usually they tell you to just sit there until you are ready to get up. I can go in with about a 7 level pain walking bend over with my cane and leave standing up straight and carrying my cane, with just a little pain.

i'm so glad you posted this. I've never had it done but have longed to do so. You've taken away much of the unknown fear/mystery of it for me, so I thank you for that. I'm glad that you not only mentioned having it done but also how it feels to have it done. And not only that but who to have do it. I had no idea that accupuncturists could differ but it makes sense. I definitely want to go now but am not sure I can afford to. But if the benefits last for awhile, it might be just the thing. Thanks for posting, Linda.