After a lot of symptom sorters,i think i have my answer

I put all my symptoms in the sorter,my vasculitis lupus fibro,and my paralysed state i keep having,and it came up peripheral neuropathy,now i know why im having all these symptoms and getting no where,i hope if any one has experianced the Paralysed state with also dizzy falling and muscle weakness,and alot of numbness and tingling and pain,its worth having a look,thanks for reading my plight from yesterday,hugs to everyone x

Kathy, I just posted a link on your other thread from a lupus board where others were experiencing this paralaysis. In their cases, it was caused by seizures. Here's the link:

Whatever the reason, I hope you get an answer FAST and get some relief for these symptoms. I know I'd be freaking out times a million to experience the paralysis and inability to speak that you mention. That you are so calm and gracious despite all of your ills shows a great strength of character. My very best to you!


I do freak alot,it helps me to be calm when i am typing on here and seeing how many people are going through the same,im on of these who keep alot to myself,ive had bad health for many years,9 major ops and 8 minor,ive learned that no-one can help only my self.

Even my doc,says you know Kathryn you are helping your self more than you relise,hey!!!inside im not!! and just keep doing what you are doing right.

Im dealing with all these on my own,plus terrible depression,which has been quite concerning,and i am waiting for a phsychiatrist to see me.

I wondernt complain and i hope im not portraying that im feeling sorry for my self,but it makes you wonder,how long can one person keep pulling them selves through these horrible illnesses.

Hugs sent your way!!!x

Kathryn, if you're experiencing seizures, then they can be treated and helped. They must be scary but it sounds like help is available for them. I was amazed by how similar these women's experiences were to your own. I hope you went to the link and read their stories. And I hope you pick up the phone and call your doctor about this. You don't need to suffer from this in addition to fibro. It's be great if you could get medical treatment to control these seizures (if that's what they are.) I'll bet you'd feel much calmer if you get them under control.

Deep depression certainly goes hand in hand with what we face. Pain alone turns the depression button on. When my pain gets worse, my anti-depressants have to get upped. It's great that you're seeing a phsyciatrist to help you out if you have other issues as well. Unburdening life's difficulties can certainly help you learn to experience the better parts of your life. Amazing how getting rid of the mental and physical pain can make you feel like a newer, younger person.

Keep on holding on, Kathryn! You sound like a strong woman from your comments and what you've survived. And you might well have an explanation for your frozen moments. Please let me know how you make out with this, okay?

Hugs and flowers to you,


Hi again Petunia,many thanks ,yes that is next on the agenda,i see my pain specailist nx mnth,and waiting for an app to see the muscular bone specailist when i dont know,i rang the hospital and theres a 6mnth wait,i am on a mission now,with your encouragement to spur me on.

I have looked at the the other ladies comments,and yes they are so simalar,and they too have given me the awareness i need to get help,instead of taking it on the chin,like i do with all my illnesses,so here goes,and i will certainly keep you in the loop Petunia.

Hugs sent your way,and take care x

Hi kathy, we don't feel that you are feeling sorry for yourself, but if you were it would be okay too! Good God girl, you have been throught he wringer and come out the other side! Whew!

Don' t know why we have to be so loaded down with disease! Mine is hereditary, wonder if much of this is. My Rheumatologist insists it is!

Sending you good thoughts and strength!



Do not give up, keep at them until you get answers,and relief! I was discussing this frustration with my Rheumatologist today about all of the highly trained Drs that insisted there was nothing wrong with me, just stiff, seeking attention, seeking drugs, emotionally distressed....he suggested I write them a letter in a 'nice tone' telling them what I have and that they could have known just by looking at my fingernails. He said that they would not like it but it might help other patients in the future.

Not sure if I am ready to keep it at a nice tone, I can write one scating letter, let me tell you! LOL! Yes, and my bite is still worse than my bark! HA! Takes alot to take these fiesty ones down!

Kathy, I wish you well, and I wish you success in treatment and diagnosis!

Kathy, keep looking for answers. I have been diagnosed with fibro, which I very we’ll may have but after a year and 4 or 5 ER visits, one 5 day hospitalization and more than 25 doctors, they found a tumor in my esophagus. I had surgery to remove it a couple of weeks ago and I am waiting to recover completely from that, which may take a while, before I go back to the rheumatologist so I know what is a symptom that is still there and what goes away after I recover (what may have been caused by the tumor). I still have some numbness and body aches and pains but I am not sure what is what. I am so tired but I am not a very good patient and want to recover fast! I wish you good luck with the docs. Stay on their a**es.

Good, I'm glad you're going to look into this further. Apparently if they are seizures, they can get worse if left untreated. THAT would not be good.

You could ask your bone specialist's office to put you on a waiting list if someone cancels their appointment. Sometimes that helps to get in quicker.

Good luck with this! I surely hope you can get the freezing issue under control. You deserve to not EVER have to deal with it again.



Hi again,you have had a rough time too,i had problems with my esophagus,when i first was diagnosed with fibro,luckely there was just scaring,from vomiting,which i had no control of.

How are you now?

I am on my case now,and not going to take any just comments of them,im so tired of the docs saying well Kathy you know your illnesses are so complex,and you are doing such a good job looking after your self,well i am not putting on that clowns face no more,its not getting me any where.

you take it easy ,and i will let you know how i get on.

Gentle hugs Kathy x

hi i know,its probably my fault as well,i always give the impression im ok,when im not!!

Dont know why i do it,ive got to stop it,its so hard for me to relise that i need as much help i can get and stop going around the houses.

My pscologist says im in denail,and im mourning the old me,who was independant and very athletic,and worked and played hard{i still look in the local paper for jobs!!}really who would employ me when i need a closomat to even go to the loo,lol.

Amyway i am taking steps to take the mask off,and tell them how it is,i mean i have phsical evidence,and i look 80 with the fatigue,and fevers,but its accepting that these ilnesses are real,and im going worse pretty quickly.

Thanks for your reply and im glad they are taking you serious now.

Hugs sent your way.Kathy.

Hi Petunia,i did ask if there were any cancellations,would they ring me,and the secrety said there are never many because of the waiting time you have to wait,people dont usually cancell.

I had another one earlier,and with reading so many peoples comments i know im not the only one.

Got an app in 3wks to see my pain doc,so this i hope will be sorted and treated,i will keep you informed.

I hope you are ok,and had a easy day.

Warm hugs Kathy