Allergy Test Surprise and Vitamin D!

So I went and had my allergy testing done today that was ordered by my rheumatologist and I was very surprised by my allergies. I had no idea. I live in an area where cotton is grown and I’ve always had problems but just assumed it was from that but turns out I am allergic to 47 out of the 48 things I was tested for. It was mainly airborne, pets and mold. Only one tree I did not have an allergy too. I’m very allergic to dogs and I have one! I will start shots next week. Also saw the doctor again and he confirmed a severe vitamin D deficiency. From what I’ve read and what he said that could be causing a lot of my pain so I’m starting with 2000 units a day. I’m glad I am getting answers finally!

Hi Mrs K, I’m so glad you found out about these allergies, I know how you feel I just found out I’m allergic to eggs, chicken, beef, wheat, banana 's, almonds & rice… Wow what can I eat & why did my food allergy test come back neg when my PCP ordered it ? I found this out through lab test ordered by a rheumy., guess seeing the specialist does help… :slight_smile:

dee B

We didn't do any food testing today but I know I have a few allergies so I wonder if that is in the future. My daughter said today that my immune system was crap right now and that is probably why I was showing so many allergies now. I have no idea if its true but it makes sense. Maybe that is why the test show up differently at different times. I had a cat for years and now have had a dog for years. After seeing my allergy test, that alone explains all the sinus infections I get from being so congested all the time. Well, that and the fact that I'm allergic to at least 20 different trees and for 10 different types of mold. LOL.