Always Fight Back if You feel You are being treated Unfairley

First of all I was taught to be a Soldier and it too a lot for things to get to me so when I became challenged with Fibromyagia I still tried so hard to be what we called in the Army HOOAH! HOOAH! LOL.

There were a few instances since I have been over here in the US that I have had some of what I would call, "issues," but my caregiver would deem them to be, " Oh hell no you will not continue to be putting up with this kind of treatment issues and enough is enough we are telling."

The first incidence was when I went to a Neurologist. This Doctor knew my condition and had read my medical records but I found it awkward for her to ask my caregiver to leave the room being that she has to communicate for me as well as comprehend information for me, and the she proceeded to ask me to walk across the room and I came to her in a wheelchair, but not only walk across the room on my feet but on my heels then on the tip of my toes, which is where I began to draw the line and tell her she was crazy, I had already kept telling her I could not do it.

The second incident was when I went to the emergency room. I had gone because I was in severe pain and I could not move at all. Pain at a 10 was my norm but pain at a 20 and not being able to move at all or even communicate was not my norm, everything had just shut down on me. In the emergency room when the Doctor first came in he asked what I was there for and my caregiver told him that my Fibromyalgia had gotten worse along with all the other list symptoms, and then he said, "what do you want me to do? I read her medical record and she has exhausted all of the medications that I could have given her but nothing has helped." Now, okay duh , you are the Doctor, go figure. Anyway, since I had a lot of complaints of pain in my hips and have known bilateral bursitis flareups, the Doctor decided to start there by getting some x-rays, draw some labs, then start me on an IV with some nausea meds, lactated ringer, and the highest dose of dilauded. The dilauded never worked for me, it doesn't even make me twitch. Time went on and my caregiver got hungry and she spoke to my nurses and explained to all of the that It was hard for me to understand and communicate so if they need anything please talk to her now or wait until she comes back, she will be gone for 15 minutes. All the nurses cleared everything with her and all was good. I was good at the time as well. After a while I had to use the bed pan so I pushed the bell which was taped inside my hand to my finger, a nurse came in and I got her to understand the best way I could what I needed then she got help from 2 more nurses. When I used the bed pan it did not feel right but I could not explain to them what was wrong so I moaned. They rolled me and took the bed pan out and put a small plastic pad up under me. I still did not feel right at all. All the nurses left as I was still moaning. I began to get very distraught and began to cry, I knew something was not right so I rang the bell again. The same nurse came back in. I tried over and over through tears exhaustingly to get her to understand and I twisted as much as I could painfully still moaning and crying, and finally she pulled the sheet all the way back and saw that I was lying in urine from my head to my feet. I was so very upset. She asked for assistance to change me and 3 other nurses came in this time I wanted them to wash me with soap and water and tried to tell them but they did not understand or just did not try to listen. They put on clean linen and a clean gown then wiped one side of me with water and a rag and did not touch the other side at all, I cried through all of this like a baby, I was upset, I was distraught, I was humiliated. My caregiver returned and I was crying so hard. I summoned her to come over to the bed and let the rail down so I can just hold her hand and in the words I can express and she understands, I begged never to leave me again, and that I was so sorry. I just kept saying, "please, please, don't ever leave me by myself, I am so sorry," over and over again. She kept asking me what happened? Then once she got me calmed down enough to tell her all Hell broke loose and she went and got the head nurse and the Doctor (who by the way was about to give me more medication because the last dose of dilaudid did not work, but I refused) to have me discharged so I can go home and she will take care of me at home. She just told the that the nurses let me lay in urine and instead of cleaning me up the first time they tried to cover it up with a little pad. So they discharged me and my caregiver took me home and took care of me. It took me 2 weeks to get back to my normal 10 but I made through because I am a FIGHTER.

The third incident was when I went to see a Psychologist for my initial visit. Let me say that in my medical records my (caregiver/niece) and husband have Power of Attorney over my Medical Care. They have to answer questions for me and talk for me because I can not get words out, I am very confused, I do not comprehend well, so on and so forth. Now when the Psychologist called my name to come back my caregiver/niece was pushing me in the wheelchair to go back and as soon as we get up close to the Psychologist the first thing she says is that my niece can not come back and then my niece tells her that she goes in with me to all my appointments even if I am having a Pap Smear, LOL. As we begin walking to the back she asks can I walk and I say no not today then she says well her room is too small to accommodate me but she will see what she can do, and my niece taps me on the shoulder. When we get to the office she lets me sit behind her desk and she sits on her couch with my niece then asks me what am I there for and why didn't the Warrior Transition Unit have me see there own Psychologist? After that she began to tell us she was married and she had a set of twins and was 14 weeks pregnant with her second set. Now all this time has passed and I am wondering if this visit is about me or her??????? She eventually asked me what I was going to the Psychologist for and I told her it was to help me with coping mechanisms. I am finding it quite difficult. She then says again I just dont understand why you're here at the hospital and not at the WTU which is the Military Medical Unit as oppose to the Military Hospital on the Military base or the VA Hospital. She told us she will have to call over to my social worker to find out why they are not seeing me over there. Now never asking many questions about me or getting to know who I was our meeting was over. The Psychologist says she wants us to make an appointment to see her in 2 weeks and she will be sure and prepare the conference room in hopes no one gets upset that we are using it to accommodate me, but not saying that they can not accommodate Soldiers in wheelchairs but she thinks that it would make me more comfortable...... HMPH, how would she even know if she never asked????

Food for thought:

If you ever feel like something is just not right you are 9 times out of 10 correct. I say follow your first mind. Senses are an amazing gift we all have and need to enhance. The sense I am referring to the most is Spirit. You can sense a Spirit that is not right as you approach them just like dogs can. As you grow more aware of the intensity of your Fibromyalgia like I have you will learn how to take yourself away from the pain so to speak, not saying you are not hurting, just saying you can relax and meditate to the point where there are things that can not break your cycle. That is what I have done for so long and did not know how to shut it off but this time I was hurt because I know I need to talk to a Psychologist, which is the reason I sought after one. I told my squad leader of the incident and was told to go to the hospital Ombudsman to file a complaint. I do not want these types of things to happen to anyone else. They could happen to someone who does not have the ability to fight back so I feel like I have to stand up for them not just myself. These things should never happen but always do more than we know. If we do not stop the abuse, misconduct, disrespect, etc... then WHO WILL??????

If you

Dear Gianna,

Firstly I would like to thank you for your service to your country. I live with an Army combat vet, and have met most of the guys he served with at the reunions. Many of my family, father, son, brother, grandfather served. All were army except my Dad who was a Navy Sea Bee in the South Pacific. I know the code and mind set very well.

No one deserves this type of treatment, least of all those who put their lives at risk for our safety every single day.

Knowing your situation, they should be challenged to be at their very best, just as you are. They need to consider what you put forth just to get there and should NEVER make you feel that you are an inconvenience or tell you they could be in trouble for accomodating your needs, then further insulting you by basically dismissing you in general by asking why you weren't at another facility!

I will agree with you in most cases, but I have met the nicest of Doctors who should have known, all of the signs and test results were in front of them, yet they were stumped. And I have also encountered those with little or no bedside manner who were brilliant and made a big difference in my life, but are not good for me on a regular basis. I need that humanity, as well as their ability!

Being in a hospital in the care of those we know nothing about is of big concern to me, we are most vulnerable there. You are very fortunate to have such wonderful souls who care for you.

May I ask you, Gianna if you suffered an injury that lead to your Fibromyalgia, as it seems that most of us suffered a trauma of some kind to bring this on. If you prefer not to speak of it, I understand, just skip the question.

I cheer you on, to make the care for yourself and others better, and I wish you good care, good health and happiness.

Love and hugs,


First, I would like to thank you for your comment. Yes, after I began suffering symptoms such as the bilateral bursitis, digestive problems and painful pressure points I then fell while doing PT running and tripped over a rock, mind you my bursitis was hurting so bad in both hips already but I was not getting anywhere. After my injury is when all hell broke loose and then a constant downhill spiral from there.

Have you seen a Rheumatologist yet, Gianna?

Gianna, As a nurse I am so sorry you were treated with such disrespect, I can tell you if I was taking care of you that would never have happened, unfortunately some nurses & aids need to retire to selling men’s ties at Walmart, does Walmart even sell men’s ties ?
You have a very keen sense and ability to connect with how your spirit feels, that is a gift… You so right follow what you feel is right… I’m so glad you have your niece !!
Hugs & blessings

Yes, and from several different countries, Europe being one, they have all come to the conclusion that I have severe pain and so far there has been no treatment found which has been able to help me. They say I have exhausted all pain management therapies as well as medications I have agreed to take, and none have helped ease my pain. I am diagnosed with Chronic Pain Syndrome and Severe Fibromyalgia with Severe Fibrofog, both are to this date still being researched to try and find a relief method for me after 6 years of constant severe unbearable pain.

Some say it is most unfortunate, but I deem it as a Blessing, even though my severe Fibromyalgia has lasted for so long, I still fight, I still smile with the pain in my jaws, I still have the desire and the need to be heard and to help those going through a struggle.

You are welcome.... Stay Strong....

Dear Gianna,

Though I am not a Doctor, I would like to share some of my Doctors words with you...

My Rheumatologist is also an Internist, and Asst College Professor. Here is his definition of Fibromyalgia. "First of all it is a condition, caused by chronic pain." He went on to say "that if you take a lab animal, severely injure it's left paw, leave it untreated, the pain becomes chronic, this chronic pain changes the brain, until every place you touch the animal it is in severe pain. To treat Fibromyalgia, you must treat the cause of the pain."

I happen to know that the cause of my pain is from 3 rear end car accidents, Psoriatic Arthritis, Sjogrens syndrome, Raynaud's phenonemon, then you go into degenerative disc and facet disease, spinal stenosis, caused by the arthritis. This is treated with a biologic drug, Enbrel. It has helped the arthritis, and in doing so helped the Fibromyalgia.

Besides my GP and Rheumy, I also go to a Chiropractor, who keeps me on my feet, who adjusts me when my spine gets torqued, my pelvis tilts and my hips become uneven making one leg longer than the other. This is the man who keeps me on my feet and so far has kept me out of a wheel chair.

This said, there is something new I am going to try. There is a man who is a different kind of Physical therapist who is a member here. His name is Tom Ockler, if you go to his page, you can watch a series of videos, and he shows you how he works with a body to even it up and treat it.

He has taught throughout the country and around the world, he has given me the name of one of his students near enough for me to get to for a few visits at least.

If you have time, you may want to take a look at this for yourself. I have never seen anyone work on a body like this man does. It is worth your time, if it does not seem like something for you, no harm, no fowl, no offense taken. Just click members and type in his name, his page will come up.

I hope that you are having a very good day.



I know that sounds overly simplistic, as far as a definition. Some of us know what caused ours, there seem to be many with back injuries on the Fibromyalgia, Lupus, and Psoriatic Arthritis group.

Thank you so very much.. I believe if more of us fight for what is right and those of us who are able to speak up for ourselves, we not only help us but we help those who can't help themselves. If we see something that is not right it is our responsibility to not let it slide. We have to protect patients... PERIOD. I also believe that if from experience, if that happened to me, I know it has happened to someone else and if I do not speak up I know it will happen again..... Maybe I can stop it..... Maybe I can't but I know that I did what was right and I tried to make a difference... I do know that as long as I have to use this facility I will continue to demand the best because that is what we ALL deserve no matter what condition we are in whether we can communicate or not.....

Thank you so very much, God Bless You as Well....

I would like to Pray for a special Blessing on your hands.

Father God, I would like to grant a special Blessing of the Gift of Healing in the Name of Jesus, Lay Your hands on Your child and Breathe the flow of Healing through her nose and mouth, let it reach her heart and leap through her hands so she would be able to heal Your children here on earth as you Will, Heavenly Father continue to use her voice so that she can help in supporting patient abuse, Heavenly Father I ask these things in the Mighty Name of Jesus calling out to Him on the High....... Thank You, Thank You and Thank You for The Blessing You Have already Lain upon this beautiful child of God.......Oh Heavenly Father, Thank You Lord, In Jesus Name You Have Been Blessed, AMEN, AMEN and AMEN

Use Your Gift to Bless others, Have a Blessed, Prayerful, Powerful and Overwhelming with The Love of God Day, Hallelujah, Hallelujah AMEN

Hi, well I did look at his page and I will wait until he accepts my friend invite, we will see. I do not refuse any help if it is something I have not tried before. It is just I have tried so many therapeutic techniques it is ridiculous. I come from Germany where I liver for 6 years, their therapeutic technology is more advanced than the USA, I was also flown to England, France, Spain, Africa, Italy, Russia, Czech, so on and so forth, throughout the duration of time I was in Europe.... I am so tapped out with Pain Management and Physical Therapy, over the years I have had so much poking, pain, prodding, pulling, shock therapy, air suspension, needles all over my body, injections in different sites from head to toe, several different trial studies in several different countries, blood drawn for this blood drawn for that blood test to rule out this blood test to rule out that...... I have been back in America after 6.5 years and even since I have been back and within the month in the states I have ended up in the emergency room and they could not help me because even the strongest dose of dilaudid via IV would not even coat my pain...... all I am saying is I have been through so much and I am learning how to cope which I know will be a continuous battle, but I see it as a Blessing for me and the challenge I see as more of a new learning process. I always have my ears open for advice and I do use it to my advantage, I research everything to the Tee and do not take new information lightly, so I am saying all this only to let you know where I am coming from and to kind let you know what kind of information I would be interested in as oppose to others.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and Prayers, Much Love