Pain is my enemy and my friend

I have been listening to your accounts with great interest. My daughter, Gianna, introduced me to fibromyalgia last year when she was first diagnosed.

For days she had been talking with me on the phone from Germany. As she told me symptom after symptom, all from seemingly unrelated sources, all the facts kept bombarding my mind. One day, just before the Thanksgiving holiday in 2011, I felt myself getting angry because the U.S.Army would not let my daughter leave Germany and come home to get the treatment she needed. There were just too many problems, and too many diagnoses, too many hospitals, too many serious challenges for her to face alone, so far away, among people who didn't even speak English! To get some idea what she was dealing with, I began to search on my computer each symptom, what caused it, how to treat it. I copied on the computer each drug she was taking. Somehow, I found out that she could be deficient in magnesium and told her to speak with her doctor about it. That same day her German doctor agreed, put her on 1500 mg of magnesium daily. There was such a turn-a-round in all her symptoms, that she has been taking it since. Doctor after doctor has agreed that she found a real problem, and has been helped by that therapy. Within a couple of days, she was out of the hospital, after many admissions prior to adding the magnesium. Her room mate, a German lady, had been in many hospitals that year wth no success in treating her symptoms, somehow got wind of the new therapy, in spite of the language difference, and asked her doctor to give her the same thing. Within two days, she, too, was out of the hospital, joyous! and back with her family. The doctors were

shaking their heads as they read all the new test results from both women. "Where did all this come from?" the dctor asked my daughte. "My mother, a "home doctor," she answered them.

I did get my BA degree from Michigan State University, but not in medicine, in Humanities. I always wanted to help others live life in a more satisfying way. I was always interested in medicine, even thought I would be a doctor one day. I like to do research. I chose to marry, have a family, instead. Having children has presented me with many challenges. My mind has been stretched beyond what I thought was possible. Now a new challenge has been met, and my daughter was beginning on the road to a cure. That is my goal, not only for her, for my own problems, and for yours as well. Sometimes all that is needed is an outside perspective, someone who can think "outsde of the box." Since I am not bound by medical knowledge, I can look outside of the normal place for help and see its value more readily than one inside the medical community. Also, I do not choose to take drugs that have a great opportunity to do me harm. In 1909 I discovered all the danger I had allowed myself to get into by taking Avandia. I went to my doctor, told him I would not take it any longer. I stopped it, to find out that I now have several problems with my heart. Now I pay attention to what is prescribed, and won't take certain things, statins for sure. I discoveredI want to be awake to smell the roses as I pass by, not in a death-like stupor all the time. I value greatly the privilege of assisting someone else I meet along my way. My children gave me a place, a laboratory, to explore. I haven't learned all I need to know yet, and do not plan to stop searching for answers any time soon.

My parents rarely took us to a doctor. They taught me to experiment with different things, and keep on searching until I found something that worked for me. They believed that God was a loving Father, and would not put us down here to suffer constantly, that He put here with us the things we need to live happy and satisfied, with great joy, while we are here seeking others who are in need, trying to help them find that joy as well. Yes, we were put here to find good things, share with those around us, and enjoy life together. We believe that God is good! We believe that we have a purpose. We want to share what we have learned about life, and how to live life to its fullest, with much joy.

Now it is your time to soar to new heights, not allow yourself to be buried in pain and despair.

God said, "Ask me, I will answer you myself. I can do my own work!" (Ezekiel 14:7-8)

All we have to do is ask Him all our questions, believe that He is a good, loving Father, and wait for Him to lead us to the answer. It can come from anywhere. Do not limit Him. He knows your language, He knows you are willing to share. He knows you won't give up the search, but that you will pick yourself up, stand up straight, and put one foot in front of the other one until you achieve that ellusive victory! You are now running in a grand marathon to great joy! Don't give up now. You are almost there. Today may be the day you have been dreaming about.

I learned a lot from this book:

LIVING WITHOUT PAIN, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, ChronicFatigue Syndrome, their cause and how to overcome them, NATURALLY!

It was written by Harvey Diamond. Look for it. It might help you, too.

Happy searching for what helps you.

Tell your doctor what you learn so he/she can help some one else who is suffering. We all have the responsibility to share with those we know. He will thank you. When he says that he doesn't know where this came from, how to treat it, he really does not know. We are all here to learn more.


This is very beautiful and inspiring. It truly gave me some insight on new methods of holistic care. Thank you so very much...

Much Love and God Bless You