Anyone have muscle twitching?

Hi, Has anyone experienced muscle twitching? Not muscle spasms. For 1 week now, the muscles that would be closest to my left elbow have been twitching multiple times a day. I’m watching my arm now and it almost like the muscles above and below the crease of my arm, where you bend your arm, are twitching. Yesterday, the muscle on the side of my right knee are twitching. It doesn’t hurt but it’s super annoying. I take cyclobenzaprine for my Fibro which should actually relax my muscles. I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary to cause this. No lifting or bending etc. Because it’s not an urgent medical issue, I don’t want to bother my doctor. I take oral magnesium and potassium daily. My labs taken a month ago where mostly normal. My TSH is slightly low. Did I mention this is very annoying??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Funny you specify ‘not spasms’, seeing as we were talking about things being called differently in different places. In this case ‘spasms’ is I think the word that needs to be specified most or used least, at least when I look up the definition - it can mean anything from twitches to cramps, which are both more specific - and we’re talking English-speaking countries here. :sweat_smile:
I don’t have muscle twitching often, but as it would be it happened last weekend after an hour of a weighted blanket on me :crazy_face: - first pain stabs in my upper thigh, so I turned over and then the same thigh, now lower, started twitching like crazy, about 2 minutes… after that significant pain for an hour or so, but breath-holding & cold showering got it down.
I thought it was funny, for such a short time and just once. But if I had it more often, I think apart from magnesium I’d check stress, vitamins B and D, meds (corticosteroids), sleep/neurotransmitters (my GABA etc.),
but most of all, like with cramps: dehyration/electrolytes, so drinking more. Magnesium never influenced my cramps, when I used to get them, it was always drinking.

I have muscle spasms related to fibromyalgia. But this pain seems to be deeper and greater in intensity. The twitching appears lighter and doesn’t cause pain but is ANNOYING. I think it’s getting better. :clap: