Anyone know if fibro sufferers are more sensitive to dental work?

Just started root canal treatment and have to say it was one of the most painful experiences I have ever had. The numbing didn't work well, and the dentist had to keep topping up until we reached the max. I couldn't keep my mouth open due to jaw pain and we had to stop mid way with me leaving the clinic crying like a baby. After 4 x Advil and 2 x Tylenol 3 which he prescribed, the pain is finally subduing. Was this just a one off bad root canal experience or do we fibro people fair out worst at the dentist?

Hmmmmm, well root canals can sometimes be hideous. But I've also needed more pain meds to get numbed up for dental work, repeated jabs, just like you, so I think that fibro also is involved. And why not? If it can affect the nerves in all different parts, why not the nerves in our mouth? Fibro sufferers often have TMJ in the jaw, so again, looks like it can wallop us there, too.

Boy, I hope you have a better experience when you return to him. Because that sounded like some super duper root canal pain.

I’m so sorry you are going thru dental stuff. That is the worst. As for it being worse with fibro…I believe 100 % yes. I’ve had tons of dental work in the past and was ok but I had my teeth cleaned 6 months ago and I was sick for 2 days.
I’m so sorry its hurting so bad

Oh, Simmysim, I am sorry you had to go through that! A root canal is bad enough, but add fibro and it's torture. I had had many root canals, and I have to tell the dentist ahead of time that I have fibromyalgia and low pain tolerance. They give me extra novocaine at the beginning, check all through the process to see if I need any more, and always add some more novocaine halfway through the procedure. Spacing it out seems to help him give more. I also take pain reliever before I go to the dentist.This is what you may have to do. The dentist may even prescribe one for before the procedure. I would talk with him.

One thing I can promise, getting the root canal is less painful than having the tooth abcess. It sounds like you might want to talk to your dentist about how to get through the root canal before he actually does it. I have had both while having fibro, and this sounds like it was a difficult root canal. I have had some go smoothly, and others have been rough due to narrow/deep nerves.

I hope this helps...

Hugs, Scribelle

HI Simmysim,

I don't know about everyone, and I'm not a Dentist, but I'll tell you, taking the Lyrica, and anti-inflammatory before I leave the house, surely does cut down on the nerve pain involved in all Dental practices! If I'm in for something major, I have my husband drive me and take a pain med too!

Hope this feels better tomorrow!

Wishing you well,


Thanks for the tips and encouragement guys. I've developed cracks in some teeth due to night-time teeth clenching and I've been putting the dentist off for a while. I will go back...eventually, with your advise in hand.

I had horrible pain with dentist until I talked to a couple and changed dentist the one I have now is great he has me take pain med around the clock the day before I see him maybe you could do this. I waited a long time between going and regret it.

I think we are more sensitive to a lot of things, we're in pain to start with before they start doing anything!!

Since I developed fibro, I'm not sure why but I've needed more dental work, I always used to have very strong healthy teeth but I've had 4 root canals done In 3 years, a tooth removed and a false one bridged to the next tooth.

I know I clench my teeth quite a lot since I developed an anxiety disorder some years ago, ? due to that, but I certainly feel dental pain and toothache much more than I used to.

When I've had treatment I feel like I've got flu for the rest of the day, all achy and shivery.

I believe we deal with alot more pain. When I get a hangnail or hit my funny bone, it puts me through the roof. I never used to be like that.

thanks for the's very useful!