Hi everyone can any one tell me weather they ever have had trouble with tingling teeth, is it a fibro symptom or not

Yes I have, and all my teeth hurt bad. It feels like my whole mouth hurts, and also makes my head hurt. I have been having this problem on and off for the last 3 weeks. Because I lost my job I lost my private health insurance and state Medicaid won’t cover dentist :frowning:

I get aching in my teeth, jaw and sometimes side of my face around my eye. It comes and goes. I don't have dental either, since I am on ssdi and have Medicare. I have a discount program through my dental office. I pay small fee each year but get substantial discount when I need work or cleanings. It's not great, but it helps some.

I use a tooth past that helps with the tingling. Sensadine. Some times just rubbing my jaw helps. I tend to put to much tension there when I stress out.

Hi Michelle,

I've had problems with random teeth pain and other sensations since having fibro, and had to have fillings despite the dentist saying they look ok. It doesn't make much sense does it, but it is a fibro symptom. Still keep an eye on them though just in case.

Hope this helps!


Not quite sure what you mean by tingling teeth? Tingling gums? Pain in teeth or gums? Like others, my teeth are very sensitive to hot and cold, so I go to the Dollar General and get the dollar sensitive toothpaste. It works. Also, I jut had a crown put on and the nerves under it hurt whenever I eat. Could be due to the fibro...

Like others, I also have jaw pain and I grind my teeth at night. Have always had this problem and could never even chew gum as a child because it hurt too much.

Is any of this info helpful or does it sound familiar?

This can be caused by trigger points in the jaw joint aand the attached muscle (TMJ syndrome), and it can also be caused by what I've been diagnosed with, Trigeminal neuralgia.

I can't recall a tingling sensation BUT my teeth have gone bad rather quickly with the Fibro. One just fell out & I have several teeth that ache all the time. I have a good deal of problems with my gums now also....I get gingivitis often which is very uncomfortable to say the least. My Dr. says it's because the Elavil I take causes dry mouth which in turn causes dental problems. I have no dental coverage and where I live (B.C.-Canada)...it costs $185 just to have ONE tooth pulled.

I use Amosan (oral antiseptic rinse) several times a day to ease the discomfort of both teeth & gums. It's not a FIX, but at least allows me some borrowed time until I can figure out HOW I'm going to get dental work done.

Dreaded Fibro.....grrrr

My dentist prescribed a sensitive toothpaste made by Colgate called Prevadent, I think. You can’t buy it. I could not even use ice in my drinks before that. It took about a month for it to work. With my insurance, it is about $10.

TMJ pain is one of the common FM symptoms. I have pain in my molars on the left side of my face because I grind my teeth during sleep. I've been diagnosed with TMJ and trigeminal neuralgia, so I also have jaw pain and severe facial nerve pain. These pains spread through my head, neck, shoulder, upper back on the left side.

I honestly think that's why my left shoulder has always ached, since I was a tot. Thanks for making the connection, FibroChou!

I have exposed nerves in the teeth that Sjogren's Syndrome has allowed me to keep, so when I have to cut back on the Lyrica because of fluid retention, my teeth ache. I alternate between a numbing toothpaste and Biotene for dry mouth.

Hi Michelle

This last year my bottom gums have been receding. Its really bad. So my bottom teeth hurt. I know that a lot of this should have to do with being very forgetful or to tired (weak), to brush. When depression has been at its worst that's when longer periods of time have lapsed between brushing. I be-leave this has brought me to this state with my teeth. If I am talking sometimes my jaw will hurt.

Yours Truly Silent

I wear dentures, have since I was 19, 68 now and my gums tingle so bad that I cannot wear my teeth at night. Thought it was due to my new dentures but now I believe it's the fibro at work.

I am on 150gm lyrica a day and I am starting to swell, like my legs arms and ankles, makes me wonder if the lyrica could be doing this.

I do find the lyrica helps the tingling because the dr took me of an d put me on cymbalta and I had to go back on the lyrica because of the tingling.

Do not know what to try , I cannot have a soothing bath because I can not get out of the bath tub , last time I tryed I fell and was sore for a few days. So showers it is, hope everybody has a good night.

Gentle hugs ...

I'm sensitive to some toothpastes that make my gums get sore and sort of tingly. I try to use more natural type and alternate with baking soda brushings too. Some of the new toothpastes are way too strong and have nasty chemicals in them.

Yes, Vicky it is the Lyrica, I have to go off it a day or two a month, to get rid of the swelling due to fluid retention. I take 225 mg 3x a day.

Vonnie, a dental hygenist, gave me some good info about 'dental distress syndrome'.


this is probably not the exact link, but helpful just the same!

My doctor would not put me on Lyrica due to all the side effects and mainly the weight gain. He told me Lyrica is not a good medication so I am waiting for medicaid to approve it but is taking very long time. Is Cymbalta any good? What are the bad side effects?

Silent, I went thru a stage like this and my teeth and gums suffered. After I needed a deep gum cleaning (expensive, painful and time consuming,) I figured, "never again." So now I do my last brushing of the day right before my last bathroom break using my battery toothbrush, and then I floss. I'm going to strongly recommend you do this because it really helps to improve the gums in very short order, and healthier gums makes for happier, healthier teeth. Otherwise, you're going to end up paying bookoodles of money you may not have (as I still am) in order to pay the teeth and gumwork off.