Dental Problems?

Does anyone find that their teeth seem to be deteriorating at a rapid rate?
This doesn't only apply to Fibromyalgia patients, but to anyone who takes medicines.

Just within the past 2 years, all of my teeth have broken and deteriorated to the point that I need them removed. My dentist saw me every 2 weeks during this time for another problem, trying to keep up with the repairs, root canals, crowns, fillings, etc. Rinses, gums, mints, sprays---nothing worked well enough to slow down the disrepair.

My dentist finally said "Enough is enough. I can't keep up anymore, and you are just throwing money away". So? Implants and dentures. I'm 45, and have always taken excellent care of my teeth.
It's very depressing, especially when also dealing with a chronic illness.

Check your medications here: Medications that cause Dry-Mouth

I'm really glad you brought this topic up, Remie, because I always wondered if it was "just me." YES, I've had at least 3 weird situations where my teeth broke over "nothing." One broke when I bit into a hamburger. Nothing weird in the burger, nice and soft. One broke on a french fry. One partially broke when I bit my nail.

The most recent break landed me with a cap that hurts in the nerve area. I wonder if that's a fibro thing too, because the last one that broke and was capped didn't bother me.

Anyone else with these issues???

Terri on the Lupus site who also has Sjogren's told me never to use the spray, it rots your teeth!!! Sorry I did not sugar coat it Renie, those were her exact words!

Mine have started falling to pieces. I was wondering if it was related to fibro.

If the dentist didn’t prep the tooth properly it can cause nerve pain. Also, if your bite is off due to the cap.

I've had my share of root canals and teeth going bad spontaneously and for no obvious reason. I've always taken good care of my teeth, and had regular checkups. I don't know what causes it. Whatever it is, or was has been happening to me for many years, since childhood actually. I know that if your digestion is not good and your body is not absorbing nutrients properly, you can have dental problems and many other problems. I know that if one thing go out of balance in your body, you can bet more will follow. Like a domino effect.

Vonnie sent me an interesting e-mail about Dental distress syndrome, she is a hygenist who suffered from it for years before figuring it out! The man who named it won a Nobel Prize!

I had asked her to post it, let me ask again.


Yes and the worst part is when you have used an electric tooth brush, flossed, water pic and really kept your mouth clean and spend well over $22,000 and then to have one of those 'teeth' just break .... NOW I don't have the money, no social security and soon will probably be homeless.... truly terrible. I wish I could get my teeth fixed. I'd go anywhere. I tried the local dental school- they used to help. Now it is a $75 evaluation fee, no payments - greatly reduced but root canals and implants still cost a lot.... thanks for solving another mystery and I do wish you well. =)

Surprise, surprise. It was done in Florida. Hence, it probably was done wrong. I'm going to ask my dentist here in New England if anything can be done for it.

Thanks, Sunny, for your input on the matter. At least I know I'm not just imagining it!

That would be great! Also, apparently a dry mouth will rot your teeth.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! Maybe you could go to a dentist who accepts dental insurance. I got mine fixed that way. Had NO income but fudged it, on the advice of the dental assistant, and was given insurance on the spot, which was basically just a loan from a credit card co. But since my tooth broke in Florida and I didn't want to run around with a broken tooth, I went this route. Hope you can get this!

It's horrible when we take such good care of them, do everything that's needed, and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars, only to end up like this in the end. My dentist says mine is part hereditary, but mostly the dry-mouth. I've been on antidepressants for almost 20 years, then add in all the fibro meds once that was diagnosed -- I guess I was doomed from the start!

I know EXACTLY how you feel jwiebe952, after spending an extreme amount of money -- now I'm in a place where I can't afford to fix much, let alone pay any bills--luckily my dentist and surgeon are doing work for cost, but it's still an extreme amount of money !! I went yesterday to have 6 teeth pulled-- paid $5400. He had to resurface all the bone in my bottom jaw, implant metal holders, bone grafts. They wanted this done in February, and they aren't happy I waited til now, but that's when I happened to get a little money. So I do what I can. Ideally, I'm supposed to have all implants--but with my financial situation? I have dentures. UGH. Maybe some day I can get it done .....

No problem. My father is a dentist so feel free to ask questions. I’m still checking on something Vonnie mentioned to see if he has heard of it and can add insight.

I understand everyone’s frustration about taking care of your teeth and having them fail. Mine feel like they are crumbling right now despite the Sonicare toothbrush etc.

Wish folks lived closer. My father is a good dentist, an honest guy. It’s hard to find someone who is just trying to do a good job and help patients, not in it for the money. He usually does my friends’ dental work for free which is nice. :slight_smile:

I wish more people like your dad were out there. It's frustrating when you get someone who does subpar work.

Would your dad know if it's possible to correct the nerve pain in the tooth? I never can bite down fully on it. Makes me mad because I'm still paying on it. But after reading of other people's dental pain and problems, mine are nothing.

I will ask him. From what I understand:

I think he would take off the material on your tooth and after making sure you don’t have an infection or need a root canal, re-prep the tooth and put on a new filling or cap. Then the bite is evaluated and if needed the cap or filling is sanded down so it’s not impacting your bite. It is a fairly simple process to fix but if it wasn’t prepped right, you may have bigger problems if it’s not addressed soon.

My dad is old school.he is in his seventies and there aren’t many honest dentists left. They all seem money hungry and don’t care about their patients. He is listed in all the regional and national top dentist lists and was written up in a magazine article for having low rates. LOL He won’t raise the rates because he says people couldn’t afford it. He is a great man. I’m lucky to have such an honorable father.

I think I gave you my email address so if you don’t hear from me please send me a note.

Your Dad sounds AWESOME! You're lucky to have him, cherish him!

My Dentist is young, only like 48--his prices for the longest time were TOO cheap, he finally realized and raised them, but still very reasonable. The best thing about him, is that he does everything for HEALTH, not COSMETIC. Plus: He knows I'm broke, so he's doing all my implant work and fixtures for his cost, so he's not making anything. Only what the lab is charging him. You don't find guys like your Dad and my dentist anywhere ! My 60yr old cousin just paid almost 60K for veneers, and a whole bunch of other cosmetic only things. crazy !

That’s nuts. How do those dentists look themselves in the mirror?? What a rip off

I hear so many horror stories from my Dad. it sounds like you have a great dentist. My Dad is an artist, can match color perfectly, can make his own pieces vs using a lab and used to teach at Georgetown Dental School while it was still open. The ortho that did my braces was my father’s student. The style they use is very natural looking so it doesn’t meet current standards of cosmetic “perfection” which looks fake to me.

I think my father is perfect but then again I’m a daddy’s girl. Lol

Hi Renie, Yep same issues here but boy implants are very pricey here in Florida. Have you done this yet? If yes let me know how it is please. Hope you have a great day :) Robin

Talked to my father and he said he would give (free) dental advice over the phone. If you have a question you would like help on, then send me a note. I will try to connect you with him …

He was working on an email regarding Dental Distress Syndrome but he types slow with only one hand. :slight_smile: he cut his left hand cleaning up from the awful weather storm we had-


Mentioned it to my father and he was horrified by the 60k figure!

She lives in Miami.... must be why ? I'm in NY, and they are taking really good care of me, I can't complain! Your Dad really does sound like an artist; I guess you need to be to do such great work.
I had my first implants set in the bone the other day, the surgeon worked on bone grafts and the implants, also extractions, for 2 hours. It was kind of horrifying for me to be in the chair that long, but his assistant, and then my dentist, said he did a beautiful job. So for paying just about cost? I'm happy!
After lousy, money-hungry dentists for all these years, I FINALLY find 2 that are awesome--but it's too late!