Teeth problems

Okay so how many people have teeth problems? Had problems with my teeth since I was very young. At 17 I was told I would have to have dentures by the time I was 30. Now since I’ve been taking these medications its fast tracked anything I’ve done to.try and postpone dentures. My bottom teeth are fine. But my uppers are just falling apart. Had a front one chip this morning and it just irritates me because I do try!!! Bah!

I hear you. I have cracked tooth syndrome. I have TMJ problems and because of other health issues, I can't wear my mouth guard at night. I've already had 2 very expensive crowns put in and I'm hoping to avoid any more. I'm going to the dentist for a cleaning next week and I'm afraid of what they'll find.

Aww that sucks Liz, I have TMJ also, I chew through nightguards, professional ones made by dentists nd the cheappie ones you buy at the pharmacy. I actually have woken up many times with the feeling of sand in my mouth and chips of teeth. My husband often sticks his finger (he’s a very brave guy) in my mouth to stop me from grinding.

I am waiting to get my partial but by golly they are expensive and when you live paycheck to paycheck it is hard to find that moolah!

Yeah, me too but I'm 50, so I guess it's maybe normal wear? Already broke 2 and chipped another - the front one, of course. Yeah, that one's fun to look at but for a small chip, I'm not going to have the whole tooth ground down for a crown. Nope. So now I've got a front tooth with "personality." (Toothsonality?)

oh, yeah TMJ too. Why does that go along with fibro?

And sorry Punkin and Liz that you're going thru this too, especially at your ages. Too bad that insurance doesn't cover teeth. It's as if teeth are somehow not a part of your body. Don't know how insurance co's managed to figure that one out.

Well I do have dental insurance through my husband’s work. It’s incredibly awesome that they cover all of my wincurance except co-pays. It was part of the deal my husband made when the company he works for now headhunted him for his current job. But even though I have dental insurance they still want $1500.00 for the bridge. I can’t pull that outta my howareya LOL. So it will have to wait till tax time to have them done. Or if I can find a cheaper place to have them done. And what’s weird is that it broke verticle in a.straight line so it looks like I have a gap in my teeth but you can see the cavity behind the tooth that’s what bothers me. I can’t wait till I can smile again cuz I hate being self concious of my smile.

I'm in on this Punkin, but had crooked teeth, lots of money spent to pull teeth, straighten them, and then started to loose them. Took me decades to find out it was an autoimmune disease called Sjogren's syndrome that caused dry mouth, this being the least of the problems, but a problem just the same. It is the first to show up on a blood test looking for autoimmune, dry eyes go along with this.

Hope this is not a problem for you.

I seem to always have (not pain) but aching in my teeth and gums, I also have TMJ but it isn't too bad at the mo. I am trying a natural remedy at the moment, only my third day, so it's too early to tell if it will help. I came across it recently as I am really trying hard to feel better "naturally" as I can't handle strong medication. So I've been researching natural stuff to help with tummy problems, teeth, aches, pain, sickness, sensitive skin, scalp problems, sleep problems etc.

For teeth problems, like decay, and loose teeth, there's this thing called "Oil Pulling". Depending on what web sites you go on, it claims it can help your body heal all types of stuff but what most people report back is that their gum health is better, teeth whiter, and tooth aches gone. But also warn that some said their silver coloured fillings came out. ( that didn't put me off as mine are old and I'd like them all eventually replaced with safer ones).

The process sounds gross but I don't mind it! I've also started using a natural fluoride free tooth paste as an experiment, as i feel very sick in the mornings, and noticed even worse after using mouth wash. Last 6 days with out fluoride and I've not felt sick in the morning at all. (so thats one thing I thought was fms related but not).

Look up oil pulling, if you haven't heard of it before, it might help you, i'll let you know if it helps me at all. xoxo

I had braces too but when I was 15 my grandmother used my orthodontics as a bartering tool and I didn’t give in so I ended up removing all my braces myself. It was when I was 17 or 18 that I had the cement that was holding them on removed.

The day I called the dentist to ask about getting an upper denture I was set on just having them all pulled because I know that eventually ill have to have them all removed anyways. She insisted that it would be better if I got the bridge. Like I said before my lower jaw is great. Just need to have them cleaned and whitened. And then if I got the uppers pulled I could have them the same color as my lower! So we will see. I was just a little irritated that thi tooth broke today!

Huh, sounds interesting. Right now I am brushing 3-4 times a day and using biofilm. I do have dry mouth but its only because of my medication.

Let me know.how your oil pulling goes

Hey Punkin,
Check out this thread also, it has a list of medications that affect your teeth: http://forum.livingwithfibro.org/forum/topics/dental-problems

My dentist and I have had many discussions about this. According to him, most breakdown issues are caused by dry mouth, which creates a great environment for bacteria. No matter how many sprays, rinses, toothpastes, mouthwashes he gave me, it didn't matter.

I ALWAYS took care of my teeth, and they would still crack, break, decay. Last year the breakage started happening so fast, that the dentist couldn't keep up-- I was there every week for almost a year, and he said enough. I'm just wasting money.

He said my mouth is probably 90% dry mouth-due to medicines (check out that other thread, there's a list of meds there) and the other 10% is hereditary. I talk to him about it a lot, because I'm totally disgusted by the whole thing, so I keep looking for reassurance that it WASN'T my fault.

Since November, I've had all my teeth pulled, bone grafts in my jaw, several implants to hold the plates in place---my first top plate got WAY too big only 2 months after getting it, so now I'm getting fitted for my 2nd. I just had my bottoms all pulled, and I'm waiting for it to heal to get the denture.

It has to be a couple hundred thousand dollars by now, since I was a kid. Fillings, special protective treatments, root canals, braces, extractions-- now implants, bone grafting, dentures..... Now, when it's the most crucial, I have to beg, borrow and steal to pay for it!

Good Luck!

Thank you for your service to your country, avenk! We don't show our gratitude enough sometimes!


I use biotene products for dry mouth, helps alot.

Oh yeah, it's more than just irritating for teeth to break, it's intimidating. I feel like I'm falling into dust or something. That being said, if I were you, I still don't think I'd be in a big hurry to pull the other teeth. What if someone finds a cure to the teeth issues in the meantime and you've gone and pulled them out on top?

I'm waiting for the day when dentists figure out how to grow new teeth. That'll be cool.

I agree. Many thanks for your service. You did what I'd never have the courage to do, Avenk. And you do deserve recognition for your service, as SK says.