Anyone taking doxepin to help with sleep and get severe leg cramps?

Last night after only sleeping for about an hour and minutes, I awoke to the most painful calf muscle cramp in my left leg. I tried massaging it and moving my foot in another directions, to no avail. I thought maybe if I got up and walked it off it would go away. When I tried to stand up, the pain was so bad and I started getting dizzy that I thought I would pass out! Back in bed I went and continually tried massaging it away for 3 hours! Yes, three. I was so exhausted I couldn’t get up to get a muscle relaxer hoping it wouldn’t come back. The alarm got me up at 5:30 am for work and I was so tempted to call in sick. All I wanted to do was go back to bed.

This has never happened to me before and am wondering if I should call the pharmacy. I eat a banana everyday, so I’m not low in potassium. So weird…all this after finding out my account was deleted on here and spent the whole night crying! Sorry I’m such a mess - work and lack of sleep, the vicious fog are really getting to me. Can’t wait to see new Fibro doc on Tuesday and a counselor on Thursday. I sure need it!

Sandi, You just solved my mystery. About six weeks ago I was put on Doxepin to see if it would help me sleep. After a month and no help I took myself off of it but in the mean time I would get up every night crying how bad my legs hurt. I already take miripex for restless legs, so in a hot tub I would go hitting and massaging my legs and finally falling asleep. Now I can tell my Dr. doxepin gave me leg cramps as well. Thanks Sandi.....Sending gentle hugs your way, Robin

Hi Sandi,

Oh you do have my sympathy! I've had the 10 minute versions of this and I cannot fathom 3+ hours of a leg cramp! It sounds scary, to be frank, because the pain is so overwhelming. I've found that drinking water does the trick for getting rid of mine. I guess I was dehydrated. You could try it and see if it helps. You might also want to go to the doctor to see what he can do to help you with the problem. I hope it NEVER happens to you again!

I'm glad to see you back. Hugs to you today. I'm sorry it was a sukky day.


Ahhhhhhh. It sounds like you both may have solved the mystery as to why the cramps are occurring. Honestly, I think doctors should tell patients about possible side effects of drugs, like they used to. It's hard to imagine giving someone a prescription for something that can give you excruciating leg cramps...and then not even mention it to your patient.

I do drink so much water - people joke about it at work. They say I spend more time in the bathroom and ask if it's my new office! I read all the side affects on this one and the only spasms it referred to was neck, shoulder or jaw spasms. Had those with Savella, Cymbalta and Lyrica and no thank you for that again. Not sure if it's related but will let the doctor know. I was starting to see some results, where I wasn't waking up 22 times a night - maybe just 10. When I see the doctor that specializes in Fibro on Tuesday - so glad my TMJ doc referred me to her - I will mention it and see what she says. Hate to complain about the sucky day - was afraid if someone looked at me wrong I would burst into tears. Just not sure how much longer I can keep up at this pace at work. It's either going to break me or I'll somehow get through it. It's up for grabs, but I'd bet on the the first one. I am SOOO glad to be back!

Yes, that's the bad thing about fibro and work, isn't it? The fibro causes so much pain and fatigue that you just can't focus or function. Except on the pain. And your fatigue. Again, I sympathize. Can you cut back on your hours, Sandi? Less time on the job might make for less stress and pain. I sure wish I had a better answer for you!

Well, I guess water isn't the answer to your cramps. It's good that you'll be seeing your fibro doctor so you can ask what's what with you meds and the cramps. It might be worth your while to google your med and whether it causes leg cramps, because doctor don't always know all of the symptoms we suffer.

You may want to look at this and ask why a Doctor would prescribe it! Though I am not a Dr, I have never seen so many possible side effects listed for ONE drug!

I was going to ask about your cal/mag intake, but I think you and Robin are on the right train of thought here!

Oh my goodness! All those side affects…I will not accept a script from a doctor until they tell me the side affects. This sleep doctor said at the the small dose I would be taking nightly - 5 mg. I shouldn’t have any of the side affects that people get when they take the normal doses of 10-20 mg. two - three times a day! You were right - I’ve never seen such a huge list! That was one of the reasons I gave up taking gabapentin - wasn’t working and the side effects were terrible, especially when trying to get off of it.

When I see the new doc on Tuesday, I will be sure to discuss this drug with her. What would I do without you all - sure does help to have more eyes and those without foggy brains on any given day. Thank you so much!

Oh, there is no sense taking any med that doesn't help, or use any procedure that doesn't help! I am surprised that it did not help your nerve pain though! Who would have known. I took it first for Sciatica, it worked but made me reel, so now take Lyrica, it has it's own problems, but reeling is not one of them and it also helps the Sciaita.

It's a pick your poison deal once you cross that bridge! Hope you can find something to help you sleep without all of these side effects. Of all the meds that I have researched for people, that has to be the all time chart topper for SE!

We have been discussing this new one, I am going to ask about it, so is Renie. It is the first narcotic approved for nerve pain, and some say it is good for joint pain. Had a teacher from another site say she can even work on this without being woozie. Worth a shot!