Anyone tried prolotherapy?

Basically it's collagen injections into the tendons. With injury, tendons shrink, this is supposed to remedy the problem. Anyone tried it, considered it? Any success strories out there?

SK, here's a link to people who've used it and rated it:

I haven't read all of the reviews but many of them did say it worked or helped them. They also said it's very painful though.

From what little I've read, it sounds like something worth considering; however, I do know that you're more sensitive to pain than most so there's that factor to perhaps contend with. i hope some people from here can also give you insight into the procedure.

Thanks for that Pet, I hadn't seen where it was that painful before, more pain management secrecy there! I just don't need to be irritated to that degree again, where I cannot stand for my body to even touch the sheet or the sofa! I got to that point with the other injuections, and in the end they only made me worse.

Well, this is just OUT!!! Can you imagine getting this in our tender SI joints or even at your sternum? UM!!! I'll take the demerol if I have to get shot up in that area again! The Rheumy was shocked to hear this, takes a good bit to shock him too, he is very layed back, but doesn't miss a trick! I told him it was certainly memorable, but that it knocked all that soreness out of me!

That was the area he wanted the Ethyl Chloride to go, the sternum area, didn't think I could take it there, so she asked me where, and I had her hit the SI, knee and the foot that swells so badly instead! I want 10 cases of that but because it's an anesthetic, can't get it, have go to the Dr, but you can bet I'll be begging for it! Initially it is cold beyond comprehension, then very quickly goes away and you are 'comfortably numb'. Wasn't that a Pink Floyd song?

Anyway, thank you very much for this added info! Hope you are well, Pet!

Well, I'm glad I found this link for you! Usually you are the link Queen, so I figured that you'd already seen this info. I have to say, SK, as painful as these people made it sound, I wouldn't even want to try it and your pain level is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond mine. It really irritates the cr@p out of me that pain doctors hide this important info from patients! There is no reason to hide the significant truth from us. If it' going to be horribly painful, we NEED to know this!

Ah, SK, I can just see you and I dressed up in bank robber costumes, complete with bandanas over our mouths, going and stealing a treasure trove worth of that Ethyl Chloride. That sounds like such a plan right now.

yep, "Comfortably Numb" is a Pink Floyd song, one I've always liked. Fits us too, doesn't it?

I'm having a bad spelling day and have to really watch what I'm typing. A lot of it makes no sense until I fix it. Does that happen to anyone else here? Sometimes I just cannot hit the right keys for my comments. It looks like jibberish.

(Applauds Angel for this find.)

SK, I never heard of this, but I am currently taking a liquid collagen supplement, I will let you know if it helps.
It helps with hair, skin, nails, joints, muscles ect…

We all need more collagen !!!