Cannot get any answers!

Good least in Canada LOL.

I am at my wits end what to do about my dr...I asked if I could be referred to a Rheum..and he said what for , he dx you so you don't need to go again.

Boy do I need to vent today, I live in a small town and we are stuck with the doctors we have as none of the doctors in the towns around are taking new patients.

I am so glad for having found this site thanks to all the wondeful people on here I have pretty well set up my own pain management but one thing that I cannot get under control is shoulder pain just my left shoulder. I asked him if he would exray it and he said no it is just your fibro.

This pain is different than the rest of the fibro pain, so I do what I can but my arm is sore right to my finger tips....

I do not know what else to do, but I try to keep a positive attitude, just had to tell someone who would understand.

Thank you all for everything

Gentle Hugs


Hi Vicky,

I hear this so much from folks in rural Canada.

Are you 'too nice Vicky'? You know some of these 'old school' Doctors seem to dismiss us women, would your husband consider going with you and asking firmly? It may just do the trick!

I suggest this because though I don't know your health care system as well as you do, but it sounds like getting anywhere else is a dead end in many cases.

What you are asking for would be what I am asking for, for the very reason that you mention, it is different from all of the other pain . Renie's husband just had surgery on his shoulder, for a torn rotor cuff. I have torn mine before and that is just debilitating. I was learning to play golf, had my own clubs and really enjoyed the game, and went to do a long drive, swung into it and hit a grass clump instead of the ball. It was instant and intense, got so bad I could barely use that arm, and I am right handed. So PT helped and painting my Mom's downstairs helped, but had I torn it beyond therapy, it would have needed surgery, I had a complete series of x-rays and MRI before going to PT.

I hope this is a help to you. I feel for you, my friend, and I will add that my Rheumatologist saved my life and my mind by diagnosing and treating me, though I have a wonderful Internist as a GP,and he first suspected autoimmune, he though it was RA rather than PsA. Pretty much the same meds for both though.

Love and hugs,


Hi Vicky,

I totally agree with SK on the entire post. And you do have my sympathy with living in a small town and not having access to many doctors. Your doctor's mentality seems like it's stuck in the Stoneage. So maybe he needs Fred Flintstone (your hubby) to come and speak with him, to tell him how much pain Wilma (you) is in.

And, of course, come here to let it out! It's just such a shame that we can't help you more...and that the other docs aren't seeing new patients. They're not very much good being on your health plan if you can't access them.

Hugs to you and a heating pad for your shoulder,


This is just terrible, I thought doctors are suppose to help you get better, find the problem, not disemiss you with its just your fibro, without being sure. My new dr. told me that not to expect everything that happens to my body to be fibro related. That other things can happen to us along with the fibro. I will be praying for you, I have had to have surgery for a torn rotator cuff. Before I had the surgery I couldn't do hardly anythng with my right arm and was in a lot of pain. I pray you can get some help soon. Blessing to you, Sue

Hi Vicky, we are so glad you found us also !!! Vent all you want… We surely can relate. I think all of us at one time or another have heard its your fibro …
However I am here to say , that’s not always the case, petunia has been having a lot of knee pain, and after a lot of frustration she finally found out her knee cap was slipping because of arthritis. Sometimes we have to go with our gut feeling, do you think this shoulder pain is related to fibro ?? If the ans is no… Don’t accept that from your dr… Keep going back with that same issue… Aventually he/ she will start to doubt that it’s fibro.
And when he says no about something, simply say… You don’t have any treatment /plans for me… And perhaps there is something your not seeing… Tell him to check his Ego at the front desk before talking to you…!!
Not doing at least an x-ray is shear negligence !!!
Hugs & blessings

Vicky, I'm so sorry! I really don't understand how your system works in Canada, but it does seem like you could see someone else. Do you have the option of seeing a physical therapist? Your doctor would probably okay that if you called and asked. A lot of times a PT will realize when it's something more than just the fibro. If it is something more, they can be the ones to get you more help to remedying the problem. And if it is the fibro, they can probably help ease the muscles and connective tissue around your shoulder.

I don't know if this would work; it's just my brain (slow as it is) trying to help you find a remedy.

Praying for you dear! I'm always here for you!


Oh Vicky, I'm so sorry for your pain, and you must know since I'm on this website, I really do feel your pain! I lived in a small town, but there were many doctors at my disposal within a 5-25 radius; unfortunately, they all said the same thing to me (20+ yrs ago when I was in my mid 40's), either take anti-depressants or find a boyfriend! I was so angry, insulted and defeated for a while, so I continued to search (at the computers yet) for a knowledgeable and/or caring physician...a very difficult task to say the least! I did finally find a Rheumatologist who diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. I have since (now that I have a computer to do research on my own) found many natural supplements/remedies that have helped most of the time. I cannot use prescription meds because of the awful side effects! The #1 mineral for me is MAGNESIUM by mouth (Magnesium Citrate helps with constipation; Magnesium Glyconate/Gluconate has no bathroom drama!) I purchase them from: ( or,and the topical gel (to be applied to anywhere on your body...very gentle, no burning like some others. I purchase Mag Gel from The other natural remedies/recommendations are: I don't use over the shoulder purses/bags....and....I use Advil when I can't tolerate the pain. It also helps me sleep @ bedtime, along with 1mg. Melatonin, since our bodies don't make enough as we get older. I fall asleep within 20-30 minutes. I do take the magnesium and a little calcium along w/the melatonin about 1/2 hour before I'm ready for sleep. If I wake during the night with pain/palpitations, I apply some magnesium gel, maybe another 1mg Melatonin, sometimes 1 Advil and fall asleep just fine....most of the time.

So sorry. Just hang tough.

Thank you all for your thoughts on my doctor situation, my dr. is from south africa actually we have 3 and they are all from SA.My husband goes to the same dr and when he asked about me the dr. said we just have to get her pain under control...yup sure.

But I will go back again this week and take my husband with me see if we can get some different answers and I will suggest PT and see if he will send me.

We know our bodies, I am having a big flare up tonight but the pain my shoulder is not involved and that tells me something.

I am going to read a book and try to get to sleep, thank you all so much.

Gentle Hugs


I forgot he most important supplements! Vit B-12, Fish Oil and Flaxseed Oil! I have tremendous pain relief from the fish/flaxseed oils!

PT may not be safe without an x-ray first! If I was in that much distress, my Chriropractor would not touch me unless I had an x-ray first. Besides being a Dr, he is also a licensed PT.


The suggestion of seeing a physiotherapist is a good one, because sometimes a doctor will listen to another health professional. Otherwise go to the doctor with your husband or any male, I hate to say it but it works, or put your arm in a sling and say you can’t move it, then he has to do an XRay at the very least. AHHHH doctors!!! We should all have a degree in managing our doctors!!! barb

Kind of the idea..... PT will give her a full assessment, ask about the pain in specific detail, observe moving ability, and request for an X-ray (either chest or CT) from the doc if he/she feels it's necessary. Devious, I know, but it will work! It's a way of getting what she wants from the doctor via another person. It's so true, doctors will listen to another health care professional much more quickly. It's just a sad fact of life. A chiropractor might be another good option. Good thinking SK! They would do the same. :)

It was actually a PT who told me that my doctor's diagnosis of my problem was all wrong and that I needed to see a rheumatologist. I'm so thankful for her honesty. I could have spent years trying to find a diagnosis.

When I worked in cardiopulmonary rehab, patients would use us to get more evaluation or assessment from the doctors. We didn't mind cause they just wanted to get the best care and resolve the problem.

Now I'm wondering if there is another professional other than PT and chiropractor who could possibly get Vicky's further testing on the fastrack. Wheels are turning, but I feel like there's mud instead of water there....

We'll keep thinking and praying Vicky!

There you go Vicky, advice from barb, another one of our nurses. dee is also a nurse, and 2Blessed a PT! And still, I bet they have had their 'rounds' with the MD egos!!

Thank you for allthe good advice just found out that cannot get to see anyone because of the Easter holidays, might have to go to ER if it gets too bad,would be good if he was on call dr. I mean. Happy Easter everyone

Gentle Hugs


I do know something that may help, but it will take balls to do it.... Print off some info on fibro management and then make an appointment, slap him round the face with them and say "since you know I am dx, you manage me" followed by an insult of your choice (maybe: you walking waste of sperm or oxygen hog).

Please try not to let these things get on top of you. Do you have any family living nearby that you can claim you live with to get registered with a doctor in a different town or city? xx

Hi Vicky...lots of soft hugs to you. Did you hurt your arm or did this just start all of a sudden? Unfortunately I have learned that the fibro pain is not just typical. I was diagnosed 7 years ago and at first it was just the muscle pain, but as time went on especially this last year I have had all kinds of different pain and despite all the test it always goes turns out to be the fibro. In June I had to have brain surgery for Chiari Malformation and after a few months I began getting the large pocket of swelling, caused by the fibro. Anyway, have you ever gone to a chiropractor? Maybe there is a nerve being pinched.I know how difficult it can be for you to get a doctor up there so I wish you luck and I understand what you are going through. Physical therapy is a good route for the fibro. I feel like I lost my train of my biggest advice it stick to your gut feeling, if you think there is something wrong keep pushing until you get an answer.

Many gentle hugs to you Vicky. I understand your frustration. I'm really sorry your doctor treats you so poorly. They aren't all like that. I had been going to a certain doctor for quite some time and was seeing him when I got diagnosed officially by the fibro center at the Portland university hospital; OHSU. I was seeing this regular doc and one day I took ALL my pill bottles in and I asked him if I didn't seem a little young and was so recently very active, did it seem right that I had to take all of these? He said to me "Well, at least you don't have cancer. take your pills"! I felt so violated. I fired him. You can do that you know. It goes in your record and then it is known that you were not treated well.

Since then I have found a PCP and an NP that I really like, their appt times are longer (not sure why, I think they just choose to give quality time, rather than push people through). I will see a rheumatologist in a couple of weeks. I haven't seen him in 3 years. Things are worse for me now, so I feel the way you do. I want the same answers you were looking for. So many of us have this same issue.

Hang in there and keep hounding those doctors. If you don't like them!



Hi Vicky ,
To make it simple, I think the reason your doctor didn’t want to do an x-ray is because it will only show something broken or possibly fractured. I believe you would need an MRI to see if it’s something other than that.

I might very well be wrong and am sorry if I am.

Our body’s ware and a torn rotator cuff unfortunately is common. : ( I have pain in both shoulders a lot of the time and have never seen a dr. for it.
I hope it isn’t in need of surgery . I hope your able to get somewhere with this pain in your shoulder and that your flare goes away. I will pray for you. Love fibroerr

I am so sorry you are going through this. So many primary care doctors fancy themselves experts in every field.

One thing I would research online is myofascial trigger points. Other search terms would include myofascial pain, myofascial therapy, trigger point therapy.

I get the same effect when neck/shoulder muscles spasm and cut off the nerves along the arm. The pain is very deep, but the villain may be muscles around the nerve. I also have a heating pad that curves around my neck and shoulders. It relaxes the muscles so that massage and trigger point therapy is effective. Plus, I love the comfort it gives!

Myofascial pain often accompanies fibromyalgia. It is worth researching!