Applying for Disability

I have worked for so many years but I quit my last full time job almost 2 years ago. I was constantly getting written up for missing work due to my fibro/panic/anxiety/fatigue. I then started taking care of an elderly couple but both have passed away within the last 2 months. I also missed a great deal of time then too. I can't stand for long periods of time or sit for that matter. I am taking Percocet and Morphine for pain which makes it hard to concentrate to even think about working again. My pain is so intense and as you all know you have it 24/7.

I am qualified to apply for disability but I am wondering about the process. I found Citizens Disability online and spoke to a rep for over an hour. They will take my case and gather all of the info needed in filing. But they do get 25% of whatever wages I finally do receive. They get nothing if I go thru the entire process/appeals. Can anyone give me some advice on this? Is it good to go with someone right from the start to help me win? Any info would be greatly appreciated :)

I went with a law firm that strictly handles social security disability cases. Every one I spoke with asks for the 25% if you are eligible for SSD or SSI benefits. I received benefits within 5 months of applying, so I didn't have a lot of back pay that got taken by the law firm. Social Security paid them directly out of the back pay so I didn't have to worry about it. Knowing the law firm had to get all my medical records (which can be very costly as they charge per page - cost me $120 for records that I had to submit with the long term disability application through my employer) and submit to social security took a burden off of me. They went through the application question by question via phone and I just updated them if I saw a doctor and for what from the time I applied. I was also given a local SSD representative where I could call and update information and diagnoses.

I'm glad that I went with a firm right from the start. I probably wouldn't have even applied if not for a requisite by the LTD insurance company, as the paperwork and stress would have aggravated the fibro. Left it in their hands and figured if I didn't get it then they would appeal until approved. Hope all goes well and you make a decision that you feel is the best for you!

My long term disability company requires me to file for social security and they have an advocate group that does everything for you it takes away a lot of the stress and they have been very helpful

Thank you so much for mentioning the loss of the couple I just lost. I have never been a caregiver before besides caring for my sister and Dad. I found it to be very rewarding. But my goodness I didn't realize how attached I became to them. It has been pretty rough.

Also thank you for the advice on disability. I just do not know what to do. Like I said my last full time job I quit before getting fired. I was constantly being yelled at or written up for missing so much work. And it is also hard with the pain meds that I take to have a clear head for working.

Thanks Again :)

Thank you for the advice and taking time out of your day for looking up the info on charges. I truly appreciate it :)

Thank you for all of the information! I do believe that if I file I will go with an attorney. I think 25% is reasonable to do all of the legwork so to speak. I hope that you hear soon and that you get it. It is so hard for people to understand this illness. They cannot see anything wrong so what is the problem - you know. Hope to hear good news from you soon :)

Thank you for all of the info. It makes me so happy for you that it only took 5 months. That would be so wonderful. And I agree with you on trying to gather all the info myself. I find that kind of thing so stressful. Thank you for taking the time to answer me. Hope to hear from you soon :)

Thank you purplebutterfly for the info. I do find most things stressful these days. As I said I no longer have a job so I am worrying about $. I finally am receiving unemployment so that does help. But it is less than what I was working. Thanks again - hope to hear from you soon :)