I have had fibro for quite some time and do research off and on to try to stay up to date with all the changes that are being learned. I have read conflicting things about whether it is an autoimmune disease or just a syndrome and also if it is hereditary. I'm curious because I have blood tests that show I have an autoimmune disease though I have never been diagnosed with a specific one. I also wonder because my husband and I are trying to get pregnant and fibro runs on his side of the family as well. Any input is appreciated!!!

Because there are no special blood tests that can specifically determine that a person has Fibromyalgia, there are speculations. From reading I have found that there are new symptoms added to the list since I was diagnosed in 1987. So, I think it's wise to check on new information.

I would suggest that if you are concerned that fibro may affect your chances of becoming pregnant that you ask your doctor about it.

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The doctors that I have seen for the fibromyalgia symptoms mostly agree that what we refer to as fibromyalgia is the result of an underlying disease process or processes going on in our bodies. They lean heavily towards autoimmune. Autoimmune condition can develop from other malfunctions in the body that cause our immune systems to attack the wrong things. The tendency to develop autoimmune disease does seem to run in families.

I can only tell you what's been told to me by doctors who are on the cutting edge of researching chronic disease, autoimmune and fibro symptoms. They don't seem to think it is just one thing that causes us to get the fibro symptoms, but that it can stem from any one or any number of different malfunctions in the body. The fibro symptoms come much later. Leaky gut symdrome is one condition that seems to be prevalent in fibro sufferers. You don't even know you have it until it's really far gone and causing all kinds of issues, including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and digestive issues, like irritable bowel syndrome and autoimmune diseases, malabsorption.

They feel that fibro is the "result" of other problems in our systems that actually are happening before the fibro symptoms ever start. I've had doctors telling me about this for years but it didn't really sink in until recently.

This is just one article that explains a little about the leaky gut.

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Allergic I read your response and the article you suggested and found it to be very interesting. I hadn't heard this information before.

Thank you for providing this information.

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Ya know , when your'e digestion is impaired, this will ultimately result in a cascade of problems down the road. It's insidious. I think most doctors mean well, but the medical community has gotten so specialized in recent years. The doctors are focused too much on one chosen area and are not addressing the body as a whole. You just can't practice medicine in a piece-meal fashion and expect to get good results.

That's changing, thank goodness, and alot of medical doctors are becoming integrative in their approach. fddddddddddddddddddddddd My cat just typed you a message. :") while I stepped away from the computer. I just adopted her a week ago and she's typing already.

I'm glad you found the info interesting. I think it's a major key to the symptoms that we all are experiencing.



Geez, leaky guy syndrome? It sounds as disgusting as it is! I'm not sure I like the idea of potentially having that as a contributory problem. And if it is, I sure wish we'd all be cured of it ASAP. Yeah, I know, magical thinking.

But seriously, yes, I tend to think that another cause is bringing on the fibro. Polluted cells from a misfunctioning digestive system is an interesting possibility. And I wish docs would decide on if it's an autoimmune disease or not.

Another view of this is predisposition, I have posted this link often.

I do agree with Allergic, Chiropractors are very into this thinking, at least mine is.

I know, leaky gut sounds aweful and I reacted same way first time a doctor told me I had that possibly. Now, years later, with symptoms worse, I believe that's a distinct possibility. I guess my doctor will be confirming it and other things too. Whatever the origin, I believe it becomes an autoimmune problem in our bodies. Alot of markers show up in our labs for autoimmune.

I truly hope you DON'T have it, allergic. Aside from the awful mental image it provides, it seems like it would be awful on your system. And is it even treatable? I truly hope you don't have anything beyond the rotten, crummy fibro. At last fibro isn't supposed to be "harmful."

I haven't had any autoimmune markers show up in my labs, which really surprised me. So unless that changes on down the line, I guess it really and truly is "only" fibro for some of us, and I TRULY hope that's the case for you.

Actually, it would be good. It's treatable. My doctor told me that he hasn't treated one fibro patient yet that DIDN'T have it. It causes many problems like CFS, FMS, thyroid issues etc. I'll learn more as I go along.

fyi Autoimmune markers don't always show up right away. Antibody activity fluctuates to much.

So how would treating leaking guts help with fibro? And I'm surprised to hear that your doc has found all fibro patients have it. It's not something that's widely reported upon in fibro sites, that's for sure. But if confirming its existence can help you, then that's a fantastic thing. You'll need to let us know the upshot of all of this when you find out more.

Yeah, I just gave you my Pollyanna-ish view on my autoimmune tests, only to find my elbow joint swollen with a possible patch of psoriasis on it. Sooo...we shall see...of course, this happened when I FINALLY completely accepted that my ills were all fibro related.

Oh, by the way, congratulations on your brand new, very literary kitty! One week of living with you and already she is sharing in writing along with you! Quite the little Shakespeare kitty. Congratulations!!!

There are so many conflicting website articles whether Fibro is autoimmune, hereditary, etc. It doesn't have any the criteria for an autoimmune disorder...yet.

I just looked at the Wiki page for Fibromyalgia, and there is a lot more information added recently. New treatments, modes of diagnosing... it talks about the autoimmune issues, genetic predisposition, in addition to treatments we are just learning about: low dosage Naltrexone, Quercetin, medical cannabinoid treatment, the ineffectiveness of Guaifenesin, and many others.

Have a look at the newer information: ,

And compare it with SK's posting about Autoimmunity,

and all about autoimmune diseases

There is a reason that Rheumatologists are the Fibromyalgia specialists, and there it all is! This entire posting is worth everyone's time to read, and reread.

We all absolutely need to vent and console, but we all need to understand all that we can about this, and just how complicated it is! I know we get frustrated with our Doctors, but look at what is involved, so may areas of our body, that to think they can just give us a pill and make it all better is unrealistic on our part!

FMS is just so all encompassing!

I have read and researched so much that I cannot remember the source, but the new GP Doctors are being trained to run blood work for autoimmune, though only about 20-30%(statistics vary) of patients will test positive, the insurance companies feel it will save countless dollars in doing so, AND will get the patient into treatment much quicker, avoiding many set backs and much suffering!

It is a step in the right direction! It also helps to know your family history, much of this seems to be genetic or predisposition!

Hi fibroducky,

Fibro is an A1 Autoimmune Disease...just the same as Lupus is an A1 Disease and many more.

Fibro can be passed on through inheritence, as i have Lupus and was born with it and inherited it off my parent/s also.

This link may help you.

If your bloods are showing other autoimmune diseases ask your GP or rheumo what you do have because the bloods should show this.

All the best Terri xxx

LOL too funny. Thanks. My two eighteen year old kitties died four years ago and I've been grieving still. Esther is a real sweetheart(yes, and she can type). She wants her new mamma to get better. I posted her picture. :')

Leaky gut condition in the intestinal wall allows food, pathogens, yeast, all kinds of organisms to enter the bloodstream. Well, then your immune system attacks. Your body is in a constant inflamatory state. Leaky gut is just one piece of the puzzle. There's more than one problem or imbalance going on with fibro. That's why it's been so hard for the researchers to figure it all out. It's one big cluster****!

We're all on this journey together, doctors, patients, researchers to find the origin or the sequence of events that leads to fibro. Hope it's figured out in our lifetime. It's driving us all nutty.

SK, Tez.....I agree, the predisposition is in the family history. That's why doctors always want to know details about what your parents, siblings, and others in the family were exhibiting, even if an official diagnosis was never given to them. My mother had all the symptoms of lupus and fibro combined, but that generation never really got tested, they just suffered and doctors had no clue what to do for them except give them a pill and a tube of ointment for their rashes. Progress is being made though.

Thanks Tez. I'm going to a new chiro that treats fibro many different ways this week. I'm excited to possibly have a new treatment as I won't take narcs unless i have too. I'm also going to ask him about my past blood work since I had autoimmune markers that suggested at things but was never told of anything but the fibro. I really feel that there is something going on and I would at least like to know what. It's too hard to try to deal with something when you don't know what you are fighting. I will check out your link.