How many have fibro or autoimmune diseases in their family?

The hereditary factor. Could be a grandparent with Psoriatic Arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Crohns disease, Lupus, MS, or a couple hundred other autoimmune diseases.

Looks like the genetic tests are out there!

my grandma has rheumatiod arthritis and my sister has ms and i have fibro along with whole list if other health issues.i dont really know how that ties into me having fibro. it is possiable my mom might have something but she is worse than a man to go see a dr. my moms mom died of brest cancer and my sister with ms is a survier. u would think my mom would go get her mamograms but she doest like she should. i will be 30 next month and i have to have one at age 25 and another this year ya me. i plan on getting genetic test done as soon as i can get the insurance underway and get a refural.

the funny thing is i havent had people tell me they think they have it but i am almost convinced one of my sisters does she always seems to have unexpainable pain. i also feel like my grandmother might too she has been having alot of strange health issues.

Rheumatoid Arthritis, early-onset Osteoarthritis, probable Fibromyalgia.

My mother, her sister, and most likely their mother.

My aunt has MS, my father may have psoriasis. I suspect my mother may have has fibro, but she passed away in 2007 and I wasn't able to speak with her about it.

My grandfather had psoriasis, grandmother rheumotoid arthritis and mother fibromyalgia.

My family is riddled with different things like this so I can't list it all but my mom has fibro and osteoarthrtis, as well as other odds and ends. My Dad was the youngest of 9 and there is only one sister left. All of the ones who passed had many health issues. My Dad passed from cancer but it looks like he may have had Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I think he did have unexplainable pain but didn't say much about it. I don't think he had pain as severe as mine but EDS can manifest more severely in women than men, though some men do have more severe cases of it.

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Thank you for responding! If your Drs do not know about this, you really do need to tell them. My Rheumatologist insists that heredity plays more of a role in these diseases than we can imagine and they gather more and more proof of it every single day!

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No one in my family has FM or any autoimmune illness. It's scary to know that these illnesses are so common and I feel overwhelmed by how many diseases there are in the world. It seems that everyone is sick everywhere. I know too many people who's had cancer or died of cancer and I keep hearing about pets with cancer. ARE THERE ANY HEALTHY PEOPLE LEFT ON EARTH?

Yes in my case it is genetic because it is caused by Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

We also have family members with RA.

I'm being evaluated for EDS soon.

That is great! It is hard to find doctors that know enough about it to diagnose us. I was fortunate to go to a geneticist in Richmond with my mom, sister and niece and we were all four diagnosed together that day.

Be sure to take your entire family medical history and pictures of other family members with hypermobility or vascular issues or know if they had aneurysms or dislocations, mitral valve prolapse, pectus excavacum or other symptoms.

The geneticist drew a family tree and said there was definitely a connective tissue disorder gene on both sides of my family.

Thank you deb for this info, I was unfamilliar with how they operated. My Rheumatologist insisted that an ancestor of mine had Psoriasis, and he was correct. He said it is without question a genetic disease, and when he found out he was also treating my cousin for Psoriatic arthritis, he ran and got her files! That info was in both files before I got out the door, bank on it! All info that goes into his computer, goes to the American Board of Rheumatology, plus he is a clinical assist Professor, so I lucked out, got a practicing Dr, a lab rat and a teacher! Jackpot!

Ulcerative colitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, intercystial cystitis, migraines, bipolar, alzheimers for now. I will check list.

Mother's father had rheumatic fever as a child.

My mother has psoriasis.

My dad's mother had RA.

My dad's sister complained about arthritis but I have no idea what kind.

No known cases of fibro. And only the RA seemed to be problematic.

My friend who lives in Germany has RA and she has Ehlers Danlos. I'm not saying anybody else has it, it can be a symptom though.There are also other connective tissue disorders.

The problem is that a lot of doctors know little about it because they consider it rare. I honestly don't think it's that rare, just undiagnosed because no one looks for it. Some doctors even have the wrong info about it. That's why a lot of people use the zebra as the EDS mascot.

There is a saying in medical schools (that's what Ive been told on the EDS boards) that goes "If you hear hoofbeats, think horses not zebras." Meaning they look for the more common issues. The problem in my opinion is that so many doctors stop there. If they don't know, then they tell the person it's all in their heads, when in actuality they just don't know. Some also think people with EDS have to be tall and thin. Nope that's Marfan's which is related to EDS but not the same.

I hang out on the Inspire Ehlers Danlos boards that are linked to the ednf site and people talk a lot about how hard the diagnosis was to get. That's why I worry so much about my appointment. I'm sure I have it but what if they say no I don't. Well it will all work out the way it's supposed to I'm sure.

Thank you to Deb for what you posted. I was going to wait til after the appt to contact my cousins on my Dad's side but I just emailed them to see if they have any info before I go. I didn't want to worry them but I need the info.

Thank you all for being so wonderful here.

You are so right about the quote, however, rest assured there are those rare and wonderful Drs who may suspect a horse, BUT have that zebra in mind, and want to be SURE!! That said many times, we don't want to wait for them to be sure.

I hope you find your rare and wonderful genius, who knows the difference! And cares!

My aunt has Parkinson’s, cousin MS and sister thyroid cancer. My thyroid will eventually have to come out as well as it is growing and multi nodular.

Father has Rheumatism, Type 2 Diabetes and Osteoarthritis, Grandmother had Padget's Disease and heart trouble. My father's family has a ton of illnesses. Too many to name here.

Oh wendy, my heart is with you, girl!