How many of you have family members who also have Fibromyalgia?

So far I am the only one in my family who has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but every female including sibling, nieces and cousins on my mother's side suffer from really severe multiple food, chemical and environmental allergies. My sister has vitiligo, an automimmune disease that destroys all the pigment. I had one positve test for Sjogrens. I just wondered how many on the board had family members with fibro.


i don't but have a family member with psoriasis and another one with rheumatoid arthritis. It's odd, isn't it, how those of us with fibro seem to always have a family member with an auto-immune disease? Just watch and you'll see once the answers start coming in.

Allergies is another intriguing possibility. My sister has pretty severe allergies. I have allergies too but not as bad. Mother has them as well. Wonder how many others have family members with allergies?

I'm sorry to hear about your two sisters, avenk. Thank goodness you're still here.

Sorry about you losing your sisters. Yeah, genetics must play a part in all this whether it be primary or secondary. I sure wish someone would put the pieces of the puzzle together soon.

Awwwww, poor avenk! Feeling your sorrow behind your humor, and feeling for you.

Gentle hugs to you!

My aunt just said that the docs diagnosed her with fibro, I think. otherwise no one else. Sickle Cell runs in my family and I have a rare non-active trait of it. . . . .as I started to type this I began to look up the sickle trait that I have because I realized that when they told me I had it, (Christiansborg) they said nothing esle of it and my uncle and aunt have sickle cell but from research this is different from the anemia. . .hmmp you have me thinking now. . .before fibro I experienced pain as a kid all the time and the docs never had an I go to ponder. .

Sickle cell causes pain. You might want to see a hematologist so you can get more information about the Christianborg trait that you carry.

I have 6 family members that I know of but I'm sure there are more in cousins, etc. I have a great uncle and uncle who were disableld for life with it, when they called it "rheumatism". I have lupus in my family back 11 generations. Everyone in my family has auto-immune diseases. Through genealogy, my parents discovered they are actually 6th cousins, so it's pretty easy to trace my family tree down one line after the 6th generation back, but it means we have auto-immune and lupus from both sides too. Watching my children for signs. One has fibro which she has controlled with D-Ribose. (see and type D-Ribose into the search box). The other daughter, she is super athletic and doesn't say anything but I think she has some pain. Just praying they don't get worse auto-immune problems.

Wow, that's quite a history. It's interesting when we look back in our family history. There were some who were labeled hypochondriacs when, in fact, they surely had fibromyalgia. I had good results from using D-Ribose too. I'll go back on it as soon as my budget loosens up a bit. Good supplements are not cheap.

Agreed. Better to be well informed on the matter. Hoping that yours is only the inactive kind with no pain or issues.

Well not only in history were they called hypochondriacs. It happens a lot now! Most doctors first learned about Fibro by being told it's just a complaining women's disease that you tell her she has when none of the tests for other things come up positive. Almost NO doctors have updated their information or looked at fibro research since then, and treat people terribly who have it. Even with my lupus, for many years I was called "too hyper", that I should just take a nap each day, that this was a hysterical housewife's complaint. Then I went to a university hospital, and went from being "hysterical housewife" one day, to having a serious illness the next day. Few people can find a compassionate Dr. when it comes to Fibro. Glad to hear you got results from D-ribose too. I find it to be very expensive if I buy it locally, and just a fraction of the price if I buy from . I can even get you a coupon code for $5 off your purchase there, since I buy from them so often. I also like the prices at . It works out to about $11 a month through those 2.

That's a good deal. I order from iherb sometimes too and vitacost and luckyvitamin. Use amazon alot so I can get the free shipping over $25. I noticed that corvalen brand has more than one lab that it comes out of. I bought one jar online that said corvalen but it had silicon dioxide in it too. It didn't work well, so I got a refund. Next time I buy it I have to make sure I get the other jar that has "no other ingredients" in it.

Petunia, interesting you connected the 2. I just watched a pretty complicated video on yourtube about what happens in the blood with both. Auto-immune disease activates the mast cells in the blood just the same as allergies do, which then release histamine. So auto-immune disease is an allergy to self. I am allergic to the dander of all animals and people too. If I go for too many days without washing my hair, I am even allergic to myself. Makes me wonder if fibro or auto immune disease would be helped by anti-histamines. I remember when I was first diagnosed, the medical world called it AID,(Auto Immune Disease) but it quickly got confused for AIDS, so they stopped using the initials, and write it out in full instead. Once something goes awry in your immune system, it causes a chain reaction of symptoms and health problems, and allergies are part of the immune system problems. My family all have allergies and Mom has total allergy syndrome, allergic to almost everything made of any chemicals.

Corvalen is just expensive D-Ribose, if it's the quality stuff, isn't it? If so, why not just buy the less expensive straight D-ribose?

Well, the unadulterated Corvalen worked so well for me first time, then I switched to cheaper doctor best type and it stopped working. Then I was struggling with expenses altogether and stopped. I want to try it again but don't want to waste my money. Although, I was able to get a full refund for the cheaper Corvalen that didn't work.

Not sure which to try.

before i was diaginosed my sister was diaginosed with ms. she was told that if one family has an auto immune disease the chance of having a sibling with one is very high. i have had problems my whole life with allergies. and as i got older i kept having more medical problems.

my sister suspected for a long time that was more to the many diaginoses. she felt that some bigger was making me sick. come to find out she was right. i have had some trauma like bad car accidents and a surgery gone wrong. i know there r thereries about trauma causing fibro but i wonder if mine is part gynes and part trauma. my grandma has a type of auto immune disorder too.

so is this something random or some type of genetic thing or both?

so sorry to hear about losing your sisters. i am very attached to mine and cant imangine life without them.

My brother has fibro and CFS. I think his pain started after having rabis shots from being bitten by a wild animal. Pretty sure other family members had it and it was called “rheumatism” or depression. There are also a lot of allergies in the family

Hey allergic, I just now re-read this post. I only pay $12 for a bottle of ribose online, but locally, or if you buy the Corvalen brand, it's $45. I use and and I buy the capsules. 1 bottle has lasted me for a couple of months, so $6 a month. It helps me so much in every area of my body and metabolism and energy etc. (Shoot, probably repeating myself. Fibrofog/lupus fog/ and memory probs from concussion in Feb is really messing me up. Sorry if I repeated this.)

Though not diagnosed, I am certain my grandmother had fibro, she had Psoriatic arthritis and I have a cousin, on her side, who has Psoriatic Arthritis with no psoriasis, just like I do!