Familial diagnosis

So I have 3 daughters, all of whom o suspect have fibro, as they all experience the same symptoms that I have lived with for years. I finally got my oldest to see my dr. His initial diagnosis is fibro but is waiting till all test results are in. My middle daughter is in the process of getting her records transferred to him now. My youngest will go as soon as money is available to do so. We are all self pay except my middle one. Need prayers that this all will proceed quickly so that they might find some relief with meds.

I hope this is a quick process for you all. Self pay is horrible even with the discounts some doctors will give. I will be thinking of you and your family

So sorry to hear this, dena! Of all the things we want to give to our children and grandchildren, illness is not one! Predisposition just keeps coming up, though not in all of the FMS info, it is more and more prevalent.

My good thoughts and prayers are with all of you!

Big hugs,


How old are your daughters Dena. A new member commented the other day that her mother has fibro and now she does as well.

I believe that I read that they are doing some research concerning this.

Oh but there is so much to research on fibromyalgia.

I hope that your three daughters are able to be diagnosed by your doctor soon. That was a wise decision to have them go to your doctor instead of trying to find a doctor in their area.

Please keep us updated.

Gentle hugs


Sorry to hear that! Pray for ur family!

Prayers going out to you and yours Dena...and that is interesting that you are all getting the same symptoms, and possible diagnosis. I have noticed in my family a similarity as well, not fibro, but systemic disorders-scleroderma, von Recklinghausen's, I have wondered if there was a genetic connection. Don't know for sure, but it is pretty coincidental. Again, best wishes to you and your family

Hi sorry u and ur daughters are going thru so much but I can say learn all u can stay strong and find joy in whatever makes y’all happy god bless

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers. My daughters are 28, 26 , and 23. At least we all have each other in this, and yes it breaks my heart when they are in pain. We all also have VERY understanding men in our lives.

prayers going out to you and your family, I know how hard it is, fibro runs in my family too.

So sorry. Every disease I have I’ve gotten from my mom or dad. I thought I’d gotten ulcerative colitis on my own but by golly Mom was diagnosed over a month ago. I got that from her too! So don’t blame yourself. There’s nothing you can do about DNA. I love them both. I wish you all the best.

I hope you get answers quickly. My sister has this as well. We have noticed quite a difference in how quickly we are both treated, etc as she lives in Canada and I am in the UK.



That's terrible, Dena. I hate to hear of anyone getting fibro, let alone young people or the elderly. In fact, it's sickening that young people have to go through this, isn't it? Thank God, your eldest seems like she'll have a diagnosis in hand fairly soon and your middle daughter is on the way to seeing her sister's doctor. You know maybe Catholic Charities or the Baptist Church or even the Salvation Army or Red Cross might be able to help your youngest daughter. Or how about setting up a webpage for her on the GoFundMe site. It allows you to ask for a certain amount of money to be raised for a certain reason. You could talk about the family history of the illness and then ask people to help to fund her doctor visit.

OKay, I'm tired so I'm going to skedaddle for now. My best to you and your 3 wonderful girls!

Thinking of you Dena! My grandmother has FM/CFS, and she has always been a point of sanity for me. To have someone that I could go to when the Dr's said there's nothing wrong, and I was in pain, was priceless. My brother has a lot of symptoms as well. I'm glad that I can understand how he feels, at least... I hope that you are a great resource for them as well. <3


I am so sorry that this disease has affected all your daughters. I hope they find relief soon. It is my one fear that I have passed this off to my only daughter. So far so good. She is 32 and has enough of her own medical problems that she doesn't need fibro too. Keeping your family in my prayers,