Is Fibromyalgia Hereditary? I'm pretty sure my younger sister has it as well:(

How many of us have a sibling or parent with fibro? I believe my dad has it but is a strong man and does not want to show his pain. My sissy is in denial right now and I am so angry that she has to hurt like this! I would take her pain on top of mine if I could. Its a nightmare for me. Nobody deserves this especially her.
I am curious if this is common, to run in the family?

I think quite a few people on here have relatives with fibro. And then if you add in auto-immune diseases, which can run along with fibro, I think many folks have family members with an auto-immune disease. (I don't have either, myself, except a grandmother with RA, perhaps.) Boy, I'm sorry that your sister has to suffer like this, though. But, oddly enough, denial seems to be a HUGE part of this illness. We all just want to keep on running, running, running, denying away, like little hamsters on wheels.

Your sis does have one big plus on her side: you. So many people don't have a loving family member who believes and supports them. She does. And truly, Mommyslove, if she has it, she WILL come around, eventually. Maybe in the meantime, you could suggest helpful things like warm baths with Epsom salts, a massage, etc.

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I have auto-immune things in my family and my daughter is showing things that I had problems with when I was younger. I agree with Petunia she gave you some wonderful advice.

I just posted about this a few days ago. I have 3 daughters with all the symptoms. My oldest just saw my dr the other day and his initial diagnosis is fibro but needs labs done first. My second daughter is having her records transferred to my dr, and my youngest will be going soon. I hope your family members get help and relief soon

Above is a link from the Mayo Clinic in regards to your question. I believe my mother had fibro before Alzheimer’s found her. My older sister denies it but she has all the classic symptoms too. She currently is at the stage I was about 5 years ago. I pray that I am wrong!

Petunia is right - your sister has you to help her through this. That’s what sisters are for!

Thank you so much for your responses. I have 2 daughters and am praying they will not get this.

Hi mommyslove,

Here are a few links that may shed more light on this, hope it helps! There are several people on the group who have it and their children or their mothers are being diagnosed with it!

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