Anyone with a family history of Fibro?

I don't know if it has changed since the last time I heard that they weren't sure if fibro was hereditary. I have fibro, my great aunt on my dad's side has it and my dad has rhumetoid arthritisis. So I was wondering if anyone has other people in their families with fibro or the like?

My brother has fibro.

Best of luck to you


From what my family tells me, this has been in our family MANY MANY generations. Back in their time it was called "rheumatism". Researchers are doing studies now on the heredity rate, because so many families share Fibro, that it was worth researching.

One side of my family has a history of fibro., multiple sclerosis, sjogrens, scleroderma, psoraisis and gout. They are all suspected of being inter-related somehow through some family pre-dispositions.

My grandma on my father's side has it.