Avice and still feeling awful

Hello Everyone, Thanks again to those that offered advice and support.:) I am still feeling bad stinging, burning aching , and Fatigue. I am going to see my Doc soon. I am going to talk to him about some medication that could be helpful but I need to make sure it's safe because I am still Breast feeding my 16 Month old.( They say the longer you breastfeed the better it is for My son and for my self. So., I am not going to wean him just so I can take meds I think that would be selfish on my part. my opinion, because i put him before my self.) If any of you can give me examples in what you all take and what it is good for I'd appreciate it and I can do the research please I would so appreciate it. I need to find something that would help me. I am tired of feeling this way and I need to feel some better so i can be a more affective mother for my Sn. Mothers need the energy to keep up with their Toddlers and I am just not one right now. I appreciate all the advice your able to give. Thanks and God Bless.

You could look up Herbal Medicine/Remedies on the web.

This is what I have found; (remember to ask your Primary before you decide to try anything we offer).

Each of these are known as a pain reducer, Sage, Rosemary, Nettles, & Basil. Experiment on yourself to find the best one that works for you & the amount needed per 12oz cup of hot water.

Prepare 2tsp of freshly grated ginger into 2c of water in saucepan, let simmer until water turns yellow. Add this concoction w/2c Epsom salts into a-as hot of water as you can stand-tub. Stay in until the water cools.

i send you all the best for your well being and for your son hugggggggggggggggggs

Thanks so much for the advices luna! Ginger kelps pain too? Thanks Suzie! Huggsss

Do you take any supplements? You must still be taking prenatal vits?

I personally swear by Fish Oil, Magnesium, Malic Acid,extra D,C, B Complex. It's sometimes hard to find a Magnesium/Malic Acid blend so I often take the Magnesium and get my Malic Acid from things like Granny Smith Apples or a fresh slice of Lemon squeezed into a cold glass of water as many times in a day that you want. The Mag/Mal combo are great Fibro Fighters and are things that breast feeding this far along is leeching from your body in any way they can. You of course should check with your doctor but I have yet found any treatment or medication that needed me to stop one of the supplements I mentioned previously.

One more thing and I hope you don't take offense. I have raised my own 4 children, all born naturally, all breast fed, I am now a Grandmother and have accompanied my daughter to many healthy baby checkups. They say in Michigan that after 6 months the Mothers Milk has given what it can in benefits. You'll keep making milk as long as he nurses but the benefits he is getting now comes entirely from your diet and any vitamins you are taking. You'd be amazed at how fast they adjust to bottle/sippy cup. He gets what he needs in fluid much faster and he can still be nestled in your lap. You will be healthier for your son, have more energy for your son, and the Fibro Flares won't take so much out of you and you and you little guy can go to the playground or a stroll through a local park where you might meet others who share some of your problems with toddlers, or problems with health, etc.

Glad you're seeing your doctor soon...I wish it was very soon because you need things adjusted. Please write down some of these things that have been an issue with you over the last couple of weeks and try to give detail and ask about when breast feeding ceases to pass immunities and benefits on to your child.

Be sweet to yourself Janelle


Thank you so much for taking the time to give me all this advice.:) I have done a lot of resources passed on from lactation consultants, RN's and even some pediatrics that say the longer the better for breastfeeding. The longer i go it's better for the Baby and me. The percentage continues to drop as far as getting breast cancer ovarian cancer and cervical just to name a few. Also, the World Health Organization since all this research has een put out is saying to breast feed for at least 2 years.Of course with food being the Main. thanks again for the advice.

God Bless

I am sorry if I posted something wrong:( what types of things arent I suppose to write. Lil confused.

I am sorry I posted to many neg posts. Yes the advice that everyone was giving is helping and I was just having a rough few day. This is the first time I had it this tough since I had been diagnosed 2 months ago. Do again I am sorry Lovett and hope you understand .