Bad couple of days

Does anyone else feel like they are going insane. My head is buzzing, ears are ringing.

Hello Karen

I think we all feel this way at times. Is there a chance you could have a sinus infection? Before I had ear surgery mine would ring all the time and it really got on my nerves for days after the surgery I thought something was wrong till I realized my ears had stopped ringing.

Hi Karen,

I know that sometimes this diagnosis and accompanying symptoms can make us feel like we are going insane. The combination of everything can be very overwhelming. Have you tried to do something that calms you? ie take a bath, listen to relaxing music ect. When I am feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated, I try to focus on something that feels relaxing for me because my body is in overload.

Hope you feel better soon,


Yes, I get this weird vibration/sensation/sound in my ear that changes with outside sounds.I feel (like a pressure) it and hear it both. I can hear it louder it when I have a headset in the opposite ear. I know that sounds completely crazy