Beating the Flu-Like fog?

Today was the first day of rain in Oregon in a long time. I managed to go without the weird flu like symptoms most of the summer, while during the winter I'd had it constantly. Of course, today I'm having a full flu day, upset stomach, dizziness, shakiness, and body seems to be hammering itself up for another fever (I tend to run low 99 fevers when I get like this).

These are the symptoms that lost me my first full time job (in addition to the anxiety issues I had). Is there any good way to beat this back? I really wanted to do some cleaning and go to a birthday tonight, but now I just want to curl up in bed or my computer chair and sleep. Any of you Fibro Fighters have some good tips for beating this back into submission and letting me get back to my day?

I usually hit the bed or the couch and veg! I have Psoriatic arthritis, so I go through these flu like stages, and then wake up soaked with sweat, like you do when you actually run a temp. My temp is always below normal, and usually get the chills instead! If I run a temp, something is drastically wrong. We are all wired so differently, it is just hard to say!

I do hope you feel better, and were able to go have some fun!



I overdid it this weekend >_< Too many things and now I'm achy and sore. The rain isn't letting up and I'm still getting that flu-like dizziness and such. Though then I found out most of my family is dealing with either Strep throat or the Flu itself, so maybe I'm just catching on.

Hope you can avoid those and just get some good rest! Hope you feel better very soon!