Me and my husband had a waterbed for about 25 years was starting to get a few back aches but we decided we should get rid of it and upgrade to a proper mattress. Well the first mattress we got was a firm mattress they said at the shop that would be the best, it was way to hard even bought a piece of foam and a lambs wool underlay it was no good way to hard no sleep and a aching back . So we decided to spend more money and got another this time we were told to get a medium firm mattress and we spent double the amount of money on this one . Well guess what I am still having the same problem it has been 6 months no sleep and a aching back my osteopath has suggested that we go back to a water bed has anyone else had the same problems, with water beds.

I have, and absolutely love, my Tempurpedic bed. I've had it for ten years and it's been great for me. I've tried sleeping in a waterbed and it wasn't comfortable for me. I felt pressure points and got sore from it. Everybody seems to like something different. You can try a tempurpedic for 30 days I think, if you don't like it they take it back.

You already paid for a bed, or beds, so I think someone suggested on the website getting a memory foam topper. Not sure. Maybe they will answer your discussion about it.

I had one years ago. Didn't have any problems with it but that was before my fibro acted up.

I have a Sealy mattress with the pillow top. I also add a piece of foam to it. It works pretty well but I still prefer sleeping on the sofa because it's softer and easier on my back. I've NEVER found hard mattresses to be easy on my back.

I fantasize about having a Tempurpedic bed. I'd also want to jack it up with a warming pad inside of it and a mechanism that raises and lowers the head. Yeah, fantasy but a good one!