Longing for a Comfortable Mattress!

Does anyone have a comfortable mattress? I am so tired of sleeping on my new mattress which feels so stiff on my aching body or my old 25 year old mattress which is falling apart.

Appreciate any tips or suggestions!

Hey Sunflower,

I know exactly what you mean...

I had a nice pricy bed and I couldn't stand it so I gave it to my stepson. Then I decided to put in the money for a Sleep Number bed.

I bought a very expensive one and a "frame" for it that will let you adjust your back ( lower or raise ) and it works on your legs as well. It also has a massage feature. Lets say I spent well over 5000. for this bed and adjustable frame.

I HATE IT!! I can not get comfortable in it some nights...and the massage feature doesn't help me at all.

I know what my "sleep number" is and it just doesn't work for me...

I wish I could sell it and get a temperpedic bed....

I think I would like that as I love my "memory foam" pillow

Just know that you don't always get what you pay for....


Hey Sunflower, I have a Sultan Elsfjord from Ikea and that was the softest mattress I could find. I love it and I can't sleep anywhere else.

Thank goodness someone understands! I thought that my old mattress was the problem although, as my husband pointed out, it was not sagging or worn so I persuaded him that we needed a new one. Tried it in the shop but on a 'good' day. Very pricey but I convinced h/b that it was worth it to get a good night's sleep. Was I wrong! It was as bad if not worse that the original mattress and of course I couldn't justify the cost of another one. Then I came across a goose feather mattress topper. Put it on top of the mattress.....so much better. A pillow under both knees when I am lying on my back or under the knee of my top leg if lying on my side and I can at least rest fairly comfortably. Any other suggestions?????

I have an adjustable tempur pedic and it was well worth the money.

Good thinking John. I'll do some reseach.

I have a Tempurpedic mattress and it's the only kind I can sleep on. Anything with springs is no good - memory foam is the best. If you can't afford a Tempurpedic look for a good quality memory foam mattress. They are worth every penny.


I have a sleep number bed by select comfort. It is amazing and well worth the money.

Hi Sunny,

Sounds like you have some good advice so far. Working in a furniture store for many years, I was able to spend much time trying out mattresses. My favorite is the Simmons Beauty Rest. It has coils, but the are individual pocketed coils. The coils that support the heaviest part of your body, which is your middle are a stronger gauge. The coils are also much smaller than a traditional coil, so they accomodate the curve or your body. There is also a very strong support on the edge, so it does not collapse it you are pushed to the edge, or when you sit on it to get in and out of bed.

The air beds are good in that each side has a seperate control so if you need yours firmer or softer than your mate, it can be easily done by remote control.

I am thinking that my next mattress may be the kind I can adjust, like the Craftmatic, so that I do not always have to lay flat.

If you have an allergy to feathers, steer clear of the 'down mattresses', many people with allergies cannot tolerate these, but may prefer a foam mattress. These feel very different from a traditonal mattress though.

Having a too soft or too firm mattress can be murder, I prefer to stay away from a pillow top as this can be too soft or once that is 'flattened' you may find the coils too hard, the bed too stiff.

Well, there are many years of mattress training and trials for you, condensed, of course.

Hope this helps,


Have you considered trying a mattress topper first? I got a cheap one for about 20 bucks. Doesn't cover both sides of the double bed but I only sleep on one side. Works well at getting rid of my stiffness.

I have a full size body pillow- 62 inches long and it seems to help some. My is down and is soft and squishy. I sleep on my side and kind of hug it and have it under my top leg. I want to try a memory pillow but am worried about spending all the money just to not like it.

Good idea Pet, since she already bought a new one!

Go and purchase yourself a Memory foam mattress pad. It is been a total godsend to me. I know the KohlsStores has them on sale this week. It was in their Salesflyer. I was looking for one of their pillows. My doctor referred me to this Memory foam, it has truly been a blessing to me. Your body molds to the pad. You can get them in several inch thicknesses. I would like to have had a thicker one, but I got what I could afford. I enjoy sleeping in my bed now. Try it, you will love it.

I love my Tempurpedic. I tried other types but when I got the Temp, omg, it was like heaven. My saving grace. My body just loves it. I've had one for ten years now. There is not just one type that works for everyone. You have to try them until you hit one that works for you. If you try the ones that have a good return policy you can be sure not to get stuck with something that doesn't work for you. I returned a sleep number bed. It just didn't work for ME, but I know people who love them.

My misake, not a new mattress! 25 years old, no wonder your back aches Sunflower!

Hi Sun...I have a traditional mattress and what I found for myself is that the level of firmness depends on how i feel in a given day. So what I do is keep a mattress pad on one side of the bed and leave the other as it is. This way as I am trying to get some sleep, I can switch sides if needed. Hope this helps


Be careful the full body pillow made me fall out of bed multiple times!

I have a new Simmons Black beauty rest but it feels like each coil is sticking in my back! Has a 20 year warranty and Macy’s talked me into getting it for the warranty.

I’m going to buy a mattress topper

I have a new king mattress in master bedroom and two guest rooms. Both guest rooms have 25 year old mattresses. Haven’t replaced them since mattresses are expensive