Help for all over Body pain from Fibro

Hi everyone, i was suffering on and off for the past 3 months,with the worse fiibro flare up and pain and Chronic fatiguethat i could barely exist.I suufer all the time ever since 1983,but would at least get maybe a few days here and there of a little bit better feeling,but we bought a mattress and box spring,tried it for over a month and my pain was so severe from head to toe all the time, so we went back to the store and since we bought the matress pad at the time,we could try another one,so all the headache and we got another expensive one and the same thing now i’m almost at 3 months of this excruitiating pain and went back to the store and told them,and because we never bought a second matress pad would not do anything with our new box spring and matress and i said we put the first one on the second one and we never changed bed partners but no way,so we r stuck with it,so don’t by from the furniture store leons.i went into the internet and typed best matress for fibromyalgia patients and up came Memory foam matress topper,not pad,read all about it and then went to zellers and bought a three inch memory foam topper,lucky day was over 200 and on sale for 92.brought it home,layed it to expand a few hours and put it on top of our brand new pillow top mattress and after the second night all my pain, that was so severe and i mean 2 months like that,well its almost i2 way relief from the pain i was experiencing.So my suggestion to all you Fibro friends,don’t go through what i just went through,go and get a memory foam topper at least 3 inches and you feel so much more relief as i really thought i was on my way out with that pain and since 1983 its been up and down and more up, like we all know,but this topper ahas sure relived what extreme pain I was going through and normal fibro pain is bad enough,but from saying my prayers to find the right mattress and get out of this excruitiating painI would tell you all to go get one as its the only thing that has helped me with back to normal fibro pain, which is bad enough,but i wanted you all to know this and the best part is Zellers will take it back,just keep box…but i’m never taking mine back no matter what…Try it and i know it will make you feel like at least free of most of the pain and i even sleep so much better now and never did before…if i had looked this up before then i wouldn’t have bought a new matress and box spring…i would have went all the way and bought a memory foam complete matress like a friend had bought,but now i’m stuck with a paid for matress and box sring and a thousand dollars of waste. try it…it really works…Hope it will help you all like it does me…Warm Fibro hugs…Jackie Foster

Hi Gloria, So nice to hear from you and to know that this Memory foam Topper helped at least two Fibro Friends and hopefully it will Help give more relief and at least a better sleep than what we were having makes my Discussion worthwhile to me.I do hope that others with this terrible illness of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrone will take the time and go get one,like we did as a better, Good Nights sleep is the main part of the battle to help your muscles,connective tissues,pressure points Trigger spots to calm down through the night and make each day a bit easier to make it through and its not a cure,but every little bit of relief does help!! Thanks again for taking the time to reply to me…Warm Fibro Hugs…Jackie Foster…

Glad you guys got something that helps a little bit. I got to the point I was sleeping in reclining chairs, because it hurt to bad to even lay on a mattress. I slept on a bed with a two-inch tempurpedic layer on it, best sleep I got, so we wound up getting me a Tempurpedic bed. I actually seep, a lot better when I do, as I have trouble because of Insomnia, and I have a hard time with medicines that are even suppose to help me sleep… They just don’t like to work.

I sleep in a recliner half the time and a hospital type reclining bed the other half the time. I can only sleep in a sitting up position. When I sleep in my bed my upper right thigh goes numb. It's weird. Does anyone know if they make memory foam toppers for hospital beds. I don't know if they would fold in the middle. Then again I don't know if sleeping on a flat bed with memory foam would help. I can't afford to buy one for my flat bed and one for my hospital bed. I can't believe I've gone through so much crap to try to sleep. I have two beds. I even bought a recliner that massages and heats up but it was kinda cheapo.
Hope everyone gets good rest!


I hate night time. The pain is so bad that I get no sleep. It's so lonely being up all night & then having to care for our 11 mo old son during the day while hubby works. Even in my recliner, I'm not getting sleep. I'm wondering how I can improve this. So far, most of the dr's I've seen are not very supportive & some have even told me I'm depressed & that's all this is, um, no & duh, constant pain, no sleep, no appetite, dropping weight, YES, I'm depessed! I just do not know how to manage all of this on my own.

I sleep in a waterbed and I wouldn't trade it for the world. The warmth and the very way a waterbed works helps to alleviate the sore shoulders and hips. But as nice as this bed is, if I am in a lot of pain I still can't sleep. Then I get up and sit in my recliner with heating pads and one with a back massager.