Best places to live in the United States when living with chronic illnesses

Hi guys, was curious how many of you live in an area where the climate directly affects your fibromyalgia. I live in Illinois, the weather here is all over the place and I find myself most often having trouble controlling my joint pain in the severe cold and when it’s raining and cold. We are considering moving ( mainly bc the taxes In Illinois are very high not just my health issues ) to a warmer state . Do any of you live in areas you consider helpful to fibromyalgia or live in areas that create more challenges for you. Would love some feedback as to climate and what you all experience with your fibromyalgia. Thanks for your insight! Hope everyone is doing their personal best .

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This is an excellent question. From my personal experience Ive found the warmer climates better for my body. I lived in Florida for two years but the summers were way to hot and impacted my pain. I am back living in Michigan so you and I share the same weather. I have found if I can go south and get out of the winter weather and Dark days it helps my body and my mind. With Fibro you need to understand that a big part of it is being comfortable and the other component is what’s going on in that head of yours. Living north the dark winter days play havoc on your body and mind. So I’m back to being a snowbird.

When I am up north I attend the YMCA water arthritic classes twice a week and two days a week chair yoga. If you stop moving I think then the Fibro wins and you suffer.

If I couldn’t do the snowbird routine I guess I’d look at living somewhere like Tennessee so there winters are milder and summers are not that hot. I know some folks on here say Arizona for the dry heat but summers are 115 degrees and staying inside with the air conditioner on I feel is not good for my Fibro.

Wishing you luck in finding your Happy Place for your body and mind. Remember, never give up since you only go around once.
Be Happy and Safe!

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Hi, Jse123,
I live in Oklahoma (“AussieMom” is b/c I have a precious toy Aussie). My pain is much higher in the cold months, due to arthritis and FMS making the pain even worse. The weather shifts suddenly here, and I feel it in my body each time it drops or raises drastically. There’s often a lot of wind here, which exacerbates my allergies…
I do think a place with constant lower temps would be better for FMS sufferers.

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Thanks so much for your response and sharing your experience . I too agree mind and spirit contribute a great deal to over all wellness despite one’s location. I’m currently doing hydrotherapy in my own hot tub several days a week and that setting has been critical for me to get the exercising that I still need despite the weather outside and my body’s resistance on the bad days so that will go with me wherever I land . Thanks again for your thoughts. :relaxed:Have a good weekend.


First very cute “ handle” your using AussieMom. I thought you were from another country I guess. Lol. Second thanks for your contributing to the conversation and the details on Oklahoma. Any information given by others with my similar medical problems about locations other than Illinois is a big help , you can’t get those kind of reviews when you google states -funny because almost every thing from crime , good restaurants, and school reviews can be found . Thanks so much for your input and I’ll wish you a stable climate so your fibro. doesn’t flair. Hope your weekend has many spoons. :wink:


Hi! I would suggest googling this question. I have. Hawaii and Key West are at the top. Oregon, North Carolina, Daytona Beach, Texas are included. But the towns in these states are very specific. Arizona is another state but some sites say it’s a good place to live, other sites say no.

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Thanks , yea google info certainly helps , there’s a lot of general info about climate. It’s nice to have the insight from people who are experiencing similar issues and challenges how they view where they live from season to season. I appreciate your response and hope your week brings out good weather :sun_with_face::rainbow:

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