Biggest Pain Enemy

Living with fibro is already a pain but there are some things that just magnify the pain and those are what I call my enemies. Personally my biggest enemies are, stairs, ice, unhealthy food, use of public transportation, high heels, stairs, thick snow, stress, excess standing and walking and did I mention STAIRS?

Now that I have told you all about my enemies that cause me pain, I would like to know, who are your enemies and how do you deal with them?

Thanks for reading!

Hugs! :)

Omg my doctors!!! I give up. Stopped Meds a month ago cos they’re not working and the “care” team are treating me like an idiot so f em all! Lol. Stopped contraception now too so it should all be very worth it soon!

Other than the blessed docs, grrrrrrrrrrr, omg yes stairs! Especially when carrying something heavy. Coming down is the worst especially for nerve pain. Soooooo brings out the Language lol. Ice is NOT good either is it, along with the horrible cold weather. My ankles are killing lately and all the tendons keep swelling up. Cannot work out what shoes are best. Flats hurt the Achilles and anything else kills the rest.

A good laugh and hot baths and some love if you can get it all helps though

Warm hugs!


Thank sweetie... hope that isn't too personal, I call all my friends that and I consider you a friend. And doctors are hell! Ahhhhh!! Lifting too, carrying things. Oh and my darn heavy purse!


Not at all. I call everyone sweetie too. Bless ya sweetie! Hey nice to have plenty of cash though! Lol. Never enough of that!

Hugs back atcha!