Brain Frog

Hi all,I am so upset with myself right now I can not recall where I put my bill so I can pay it on time the sad thing is I have it in my hand on thur but not ask me where I put it I could just cry,Is this something more I can know longer do.keep up with my bills Where in the H did my brain go anything I can do to help me recall where I put things before I loose me HA HA

I have a little wire shelf behind my laptop, all of my bills are put in an envelope and placed on that little shelf, or I would be in trouble too. That is not to say I know where everything is! I have been looking for my birth certificate and SS card for months, they are here somewhere, but where! Must have felt I found a different 'good place' for them!

Chronic pain is the culprit to all of this, you know. Our brain is still in the same place, just overloaded with pain signals.

It will come to you, or you will stumble onto it, could be in the refrigerator, or by the dog or chicken food!



Don't feel lonely, I lose things that are right in my hand! Putting things in the same place day after day is the answer. Get yourself a special box or letter holder to put the bills in as soon as you carry them in from the letterbox. And keep them there until you pay. Repetition is key. I do this with my keys and cell phone.

As SK said it's the pain talking when we forget things. It's how our body copes. We're doing the best that we can and we're doing a good job of managing thru chronic pain. Be gentle with yourself.

Ah, fibro secretary, you just made me laugh! I'll have to remember that!

Mine would have ot be 'Grace'! From falling around! Guess I could be

'Sylvia Grace'! LOL Good thing we can still laugh!

How are you doing with the keys, Pet?

Twice I have lost keys to cars that have the 'chip' in them, talk about expensive!!! Whew!!!