Brain Scan Proves Fibro is Real-part 2

Here is the website that the scan came from, that mentions specific tests for us and cures that are just on the horizon! Don't give up hope!

thank you for sharing this. it was very interesting to read. i really hope like the article says that new drugs will work better since they know now exactly what area of the brain is effected. it will b very interesting to see what happens from here.

Nice one Sheila!

Thats so helpful to show that it is real and it will show up on that particular brain scan. Also, it will help like it says to develop more suitable painkilling medication and hopefully get closer to a cure.


Thanks Jo and Eeyoreluver for your comments. So many people are ignored by their doctors or are told there are no tests for Fibro. This article was written in 2008, so I'm sure this brain scan and other tests are now available. What I wonder is if it takes many years of having fibro for the brain to look like this. Maybe a patient who has only had muscle pain and sleep problems and a bit of fibrofog for less than a year won't get a brain scan that looks like this.

Good question, Sheila! And does this situation arise on its own through some sort of faulty mechanism in the brain or blood supply to the brain - or does it arise due to a silent illness that sets it off? The reason I ask is that so many fibro sufferers go on to develop auto immune illnesses after awhile. What if they're already at work in our bodies "silently" (undiagnosed due to lack of noticeable symptoms) but they start an abnormal pain reaction while silently at work? Setting off fibro while they remain undiagnosed until they finally emerge?

I'm glad you included this piece of the puzzle. So many of us NEED TO KNOW that something physically IS wrong with us. It helps us to see it. A picture is worth a thousand words. Seeing how our brains are affected shows us that fibro is most certainly there and is affecting one of our most important organs in our body.

UM! Frightening isn't it? No wonder we can't think straight sometimes! Thanks for posting this, Sheila, hope you are having a good day!

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