Car accident

So I suppose the name of this discussion says it all. On the 5th of this month I was heading to work, my car caught two patches of black ice and before I knew it I was spinning in circles across the highway before slamming head on into a cement divide. To say I was frazzled by this accident is a major understatement. All I remember is my car slamming into the barrier, my air bag deploying, then my car swinging around one last time and the trunk slamming into the divide. My horn was stuck on and from all the confusion I wasn’t certain if the smoke rising in my car was from the airbag or if my car was about to catch fire. I jumped out and staggered around, completely discombobulated. Thankfully there was a nice man who stopped and stayed with me to give me some comfort and help me figure out what the hell had happened.
I did manage to get to work the next morning (in a rental of course) but my neck and, well, my everything has been so totally jacked up since this fun little accident. I am sadly missing the days where I even just felt decent. My body did not enjoy being jarred around like that.
Anyway, I guess I am posting this on here for support more than anything. You all are always so supportive and helpful and I greatly appreciate every single one of you and your kind words.
A positive note is that aside from a burn on my right arm and my left leg being covered in black and blue marks, I have no life threatening wounds. And another praise God is that my vehicle was miraculously the only one involved in this accident so no one else was hurt.
Prayings for a speedy and complete healing are greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.
Blessings and prayers :heart:

Also if I failed to mention this, I was just informed today that my car is totaled. So as soon as there is God willing enough money in my account, I will be on the hunt for a new car.

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your support. This has been a really rough run. The flare ups are still very bad, worse than normal now. Hoping they will let up soon.
Blessings and prayers to you all, I hope you are all having a very minimal pain day.

Sorry to hear this. Like you need anything adding to what you’re going through already. I hope you still went to he hospital and had everything checked. Hopefully you can add a pain med or an increase through the pains you have added. Hang in there. I’m glad it was not any worse than it was. I hope for a fast recovery. I’m here for you:-)


Oh no, Ahava. I hope and I will pray that you have relief from all of this. It's exhausting enough, just getting through winter as "our normal". I'm sorry this has happened.

Watch yourself really close the next week or two. Sometimes it takes awhile for us to feel the effects of an accident. If something new comes up get it checked out asap. Just covering all the bases.

Take care,


Hey Ahava,

I'm so glad that you came out of this fairly well, you were very fortunate to have totaled a car and walked away! Surely you are bruised and sore, but hopefully this will all pass.

Wishing you all good things,


Dear Ahava

Yes, there are things to be grateful for. But your body took a beating even if no bones were broken. You will be suffering from serious whiplash! Did you go to the hospital to be checked over?

Thanks for letting us know. Please keep us updated.

I will pray for you. If your car is totalled then you can look forward to shopping for another car.

Thanks for all the encouraging words. I really appreciate all of you so much.
I never went to the hospital, when the paramedics came I was walking and talking fine, just had a small burn on my arm. I think I might have some wild whiplash, unfortunately my neck has always been a very sensitive and painful fibro spot. I didn’t even realize I had black and blue bruising until some days later. I think the worst of it honestly is now the pain in my neck and fibro fog. Since the accident I can be talking and forget what I was saying. That happened before the accident also, but I think it has gotten a little worse. Praise God no one else was involved or injured, and praise God I had a good car. My guardian angels were on duty for sure.
Thank you everyone. Your concern and suggestions do mean a lot to me. Blessings and prayers!

h, my Gosh! What a horrible accident! I would be frightened to death. But I do suspect that you may still be in shock a bit (that's what happened when you were so discombobulated, I think.)

I'm thankful that you lived to have another day. Slamming into a cement barrier is serious business. You must

have an angel watching over you. You are very fortunate to be alive. That stupid black ice is terrifying because you can't see it and it spins you around all over the place. I'm really happy to hear that you're okay!

Are your increased fibro pains still very bad? I'm guessing they will be, maybe even up to a week in length. It takes fibro a while to reset itself.

I hope the ice starts to melt and disappear. It's loathesome. Nothing good to be said for it.

I'm sorry that your car was totaled, but not surprised. It doesn't seem to take much to total the cars made today. I hope that you can find another safe and affordable car. Yours must have been pretty darned good since you aren't seriously injured. Maybe that's the brand to stick with!

PS: Kitty is right. You might have a delayed reaction to the accident. You might want to consider going to the hospital or doctor if your neck pain continues. We always think it's fibro but sometimes it's not.

Are you able to go to the doctor? I hope you consider going!! Neck injuries aren’t anything to hold back on. I would be conserned what you might feel is a flare up is a new injury. You were jarred around enough to get bad bruising. I hope you will consider going in to get checked out. I hope you feel better soon and find the perfect car!