Change in weather is playing havoc on my body

Well it’s that time of the year when here in Michigan it’s starting getting cold and my body is not liking the colder days. No matter how you try to prepare your mind that this change will impact your body it still seems to hit you right in the face.

I dread the months of Jan-Feb. -March when I typically hibernate with my personal electric blanket wrapped around me.

I have started two- three times a week to go to the YMCA for their Arthritic Water Therapy class. This therapy has helped me this past month and hope I can continue throughout the Winter months. The water is nice and warm the teacher is certified and it is a fun hour with about 20-25 others in the pool. The year prior I had a script to go to pool therapy at a Physical Therapy clinic and by far the YMCA offered me much more than the clinic did.

As many of us with being less active I encourage others to check into this support. It does not eliminate pain but has helped me being more Mobil along with loosing a few pounds.


It is the same south of you in Illinois. I live in my electric blanket as often as possible. The past week or so has been awful on my body. It was 30 degrees a few nights ago and somehow 75 out today. I always know it will be bad, but never how much so until it hit. Thank you for the suggestion of water therapy. I have always wanted to try it but wasn't sure if it would work. Plus being 25, many classes are not open to me. Maybe this winter, we can both be a little more comfortable!

I loved the warm water therapy when I went This is an wonderful ideal.

Clenway Some places will offer an exception from age I was in a group where everyone was over 60 and received excellant advice while with them also if there are enough people they will consider starting a new class.

Stay warm this winter>

Nice to see you again, Ron! Come post that over in exercise group!

I also have problems when it gets cold here and rainy. I have a great heated blanket and heating pads. I know I’m much better off since I’m in So Cal, I don’t know how you do it! I grew up outside of Boston but that was way before I had Fibro.

I found a fabulous pool that’s covered by my Medicare Silver Sneakers program. It’s at a high-end assisted living facility and is the best pool I’ve ever seen. It has a disabled ramp that you can enter the pool with and a large jacuzzi. It’s a saltwater pool so no chlorine! It’s indoors too (I have access to some outdoor heated pools but just walking to and from them in cold & rain is too much.) This pool has a huge glass roof that can retract to let in sun and air! All the showers are huge and set up for any type of disability.

I encourage anyone who lives near an assisted-living facility to check and see if you can get a membership. If you are on Meficare, many of the Advantage and Supplement programs offer Siver Sneakers. For $15 a month, I can go almost anywhere, most gyms and pools are now participating!



As far a the water therapy at the Y I go to there are people of all ages even a twenty year old.


That sounds like a great program and very reasonable. We just need to keep looking for these types of opportunities to help us manage our daily pain.